(Another) Starbucks coming — this one to Vesey and West

I haven’t given much thought to Starbucks since it was so so trendy in the ’90s, but with two stores opening in the neighborhood in quick succession, it made me go to the Google. The company was founded in 1971 in Seattle, and by the time it went public in 1992, it had 165 stores. By 1996 there were a 1000 stores, including some in Japan.

Now there are 35,711 stores globally, and about 350 in the city. (The first one here, on 87th and Broadway, opened in 1994.) And the company is gunning for more: the goal is to add 17,000 locations by 2030 to reach 55,000 globally.

The most recent here opens today at 140 West, which is the south corner of 100 Barclay at Vesey. (Thanks to A. and JL for the heads up.)

There is also one coming for Independence Plaza, at 370 Greenwich south of N. Moore. The folks from Vornado, the landlord, told me that store will be 2000 square feet and that Starbucks took a 10-year lease.




  1. Sadly, seems like the one on 115 Broadway closed.. or at least looks like it. It was fine friday an today its all covered up.

  2. just what we need, more coffee… sigh