Seen & Heard: New to the malls

No. 1 Caviar, a retail operation for one of the biggest caviar distributors that opened on Wall Street early last year (one of these days I will go by) has a pop-up in the middle of the Oculus floor. They sell caviar, salmon roe, truffles and other items. The store, which also has a liquor license and serves caviar-themed dishes (and has afternoon tea!) is at 14 Wall.

From what I can tell, Kingdom of Sweets is a British franchise established in 2004 and specializes in “Pick ‘n’ Mix” loose candies, which may be its own brand? There are 15+ stores in the UK and I think this might be the first US franchise.

This is an interesting model: Poom is short for the Korean expression ‘poom-ah-sh’, a culture of sharing labor, talents and resources with neighbors. The business here was born in the pandemic, when founder Sylvia Lee “shared baked goods with my neighbors and it changed the way I live my life.” She started POOM as a collaborative bakery, offering goods from a variety of independent, local bakers. Will check it out.

All’Antico Vinaio, the famous sandwich shop out of Florence, is opening a branch in the food court upstairs from the Winter Garden in the Brookfield mall, where Skinny Pizza was (kind of a funny swap). The company has taken the US by storm. They first popped up in LA in 2019 and then began to expand, landing in Midtown West in 2021. They also have spots on the Upper East Side and Soho, on Sullivan and Bleecker. Each opening elicits crowds and gushing reviews. Their Instagram still said “coming soon” three days ago…


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  1. The new All’Antico Vinaio space was actually home to Sauce Pizzeria :) Sauce replaced Skinny