Alton Lane
7 Harrison St.
(at Staple)
Apparel (Men)

Custom menswear company Alton Lane describes its process as Old World meets New World: The Old World part involves trying on fit samples, the way custom clothing has worked for centuries. But first, there’s the New World part: a 3-D body scanner, hidden behind a bookshelf, that uses infrared light to measure your body. The scanner’s precision allows for a minimal number of fittings. Alton Lane sells custom suits, shirts, pants, and overcoats at various price points. Around 80 percent of the fabric is from England and Italy; the turnaround is two weeks for shirts and four to five weeks for suits, and once your measurements are set, of course, you can order online. There’s no lead time required to pop in and buy a tie—handmade in Italy—or an item from the Founders’ Table, stocked with other brands that the owners like. Appointments are recommended, but not required.