2009 Buy-Local Gift Guide: North Moore and Franklin

The pop-up shop opened by Jade’s Toy Box and Zaba will be unpopping soon, so get there this week for Zag Natka’s magenta knit coat ($298), Kangra’s cashmere polka-dot sweater ($347), cute Cangeros “Friendly Pillows” ($46), and Jade’s themed boxes of toys ($40–$200). The box for budding artists made me think how unadorable it would be if your kid started emulating Julian Schnabel and breaking all your dishes. • 25 N. Moore (at Varick), 212-226-6355, jadestoybox.com, zababoutique.com.


Is this knight asleep or just being coy? Made of cardboard, the helmet is $20 and the top is $15, at Playing Mantis. • 32 N. Moore (bet. Varick and Hudson), 646-484-6845, friendlymantis.com.


The women working at Otte Tribeca —it’s pronounced the same way that a Cockney would say “hot”—said that the ‘ottest gifts this ‘oliday season are earrings made of black, rose, or white gold and studded with diamonds ($685), and Made Her Think’s oxidized brass rings, which look like they could be used for self-defense, or maybe to open a bottle of beer ($139). I shot Pedro García’s purple open-toe slingback ‘eels just because ($375). • 37 N. Moore (bet. Varick and Hudson), 212-431-8501, otteny.com.


Exquisite Brazilian furniture store Espasso also has giftables such as thick wooden bowls ($1,060) and wooden bowls with stitching ($970–$1,360). Fans of the aesthetic will also want to check out the book of Carlos Motta’s designs ($50). • 38 N. Moore (bet. Varick and Hudson), 212-219-0017, espasso.com.


Made in Brooklyn, these metal-and-glass frames at Steven Amedee start at $40 and will be particularly appealing to those of us who need nice frames to compensate for our blurry photos. • 41 N. Moore (bet. Varick and Hudson), 212-343-1696.


There’s some risk that anyone receiving an inedible gift from Billy’s Bakery —such as a T-shirt ($20–$22) or tote ($15–$20)—might be disappointed. So you’d better pick up a cookie tin, filled with two dozen cookies, too ($32). • 75 Franklin (bet. Broadway and Church), 212-647-9958, billysbakerynyc.com.


The fiercest candlestick in Tribeca—and probably the city, and possibly the country—is Jeff Zimmerman’s “serpentine light sculpture” in hand-blown glass, available at R 20th Century ($1,200). They come in white, too. Note: A lot of Zimmerman’s work is currently in the shop, and it’s worth a browse. Gorgeous stuff. • 82 Franklin (bet. Broadway and Church), 212-343-7979, r20thcentury.com.


There’s still time to order an arrangement from Flora…. • 85 Franklin (bet. Broadway and Church), 212-274-1887, florany.com.


At Steven Alan, that accessories are the popular gift option this year: perhaps his-and-hers fingerless gloves ($58 and $65), or a rabbit-and-wool hat that calls to mind early-period Cher ($216). Hipster guys will like the Des Kiraz T-shirts ($125), and I like the felt slippers. • 103 Franklin (bet. Church and West Broadway), 212-343-0692, stevenalan.com.


When I explained to one of the owners of Antik what I was up to, she said, “You do know that we’re kind of expensive…?” It made me smile: I wouldn’t have much of a gift guide if I had to disqualify every expensive store in Tribeca. (Besides, no one is making anyone buy anything.) The yellow vase is $2,800; the blue one is $3,200. • 104 Franklin (bet. Sixth Ave. and West Broadway), 212-343-0471, antik-nyc.net.


“You’ll feel like June Allyson!” said one of the women at Bu and the Duck about the pink-feather headband ($26), but I was sure I’d feel more like Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. More my style—in theory!—are the little flower barrettes ($6 each), striped shirt ($55), and knitted pig doll ($75). • 106 Franklin (bet. Sixth Ave. and West Broadway), 212-431-9226, buandtheduck.com.


Truth be told, it’s getting a bit late to have an object painted and baked by Christmas, but a Color Me Mine gift certificate lets the recipient put his or her creative touch on the object—whether it’s a pony ($23), small cone vase ($21), or President Obama ($35). • 116 Franklin (bet. Sixth Ave. and West Broadway), 212-941-0120, colormeminenyc.com.


Urban Archeology always makes me feel like I’m in Bruce Wayne’s secret warehouse. This ornate mirror is $950; the carved stone is $2,500. • 143 Franklin (bet. Varick and Hudson), 212-431-4646, urbanarcheology.com.


Who knew the underneath of an orchid could be so interesting to look at? For that matter, who knew that such beautiful glasswork was coming out of Ohio? The folks at Intérieurs did: Cleveland Art’s piece average around $550. Also highly appealing: French artist Vanessa Mitani’s glass and metal mesh vases ($210–$585). • 149–151 Franklin (bet. Varick and Hudson), 212-343-0800, interieurs.com.


To celebrate the holiday, the Gary Graham boutique installed “Scrooge’s bed” in the store. ‘Twas I, however, who lay a red rayon-jersey dress ($510) across the rumpled sheets—inspired, no doubt by a certain alternative take on the famous Dickens tale. • 176 Franklin (bet. Hudson and Greenwich), 212-274-8940, garygrahamnyc.com.


• Chambers and Reade
• Harrison, Worth, and Leonard
• West Broadway
• Lispenard, Walker, White, and Church
• Broadway, Canal, Jay, and Thomas
• Greenwich
• Washington, Vestry, and Beach
• Murray and Warren


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