Newsletter: Apr. 23

20100329-tc-neon_12-resize-300MADE IN TRIBECA #3: LET THERE BE NEON
“Shortly after I moved to Tribeca, I caught a glimpse of Let There Be Neon from afar and thought, Now there’s a good-looking bar!” writes photographer Asha Agnish. “I later discovered that it’s actually a studio that creates custom neon signs—and a neighborhood institution, having been in business for over 30 years. Jeff Friedman and his staff recently let me observe the fabrication process from start to finish.” See all of her photos here.

coco-masuda-by-tribeca-citizen1MEET THE ARTISTS OF TRIBECA
At last year’s Tribeca Open Studio Artist Tour—which runs Friday through Monday—I remember wondering as I rang the first buzzer: What if I feel trapped? What if I hate the work? What if he tries to sell me his art? I was being foolish! “It’s a rare opportunity to see artists and their art in the space where they created it,” says director and participating artist Shawn Washburn. I got a preview of this year’s event by visiting the lovely Coco Masuda (left) in her studio.

What’s going on this weekend besides TOAST: Tribeca Film Festival “Drive-Ins” at World Financial Center; “Stanley’s Party,” a new kids’ musical; Earth Day crafts; “Tim Barbers Mystery Night”; Dyan Cannon and James Coco; and much more. Plus: The full calendar through May 17.

The folks organizing Taste of Tribeca—the May 15 event benefiting P.S. 150 and P.S. 234—invited me to sit in on a meeting, and I have to say, I had no idea how much work goes into the event. Inspired, I have since offered to grace a premium table’s presence for $1,000, which I would obviously donate to the cause. Don’t everyone start bidding at once.

Sugar-loving fashionista (that’s the name of her blog) Paulette Goto (right) answers questions about her Tribeca—including where she dances on tables and how she gets the soles of her feet as soft as a baby’s ass. She’s a pistol! And if she’s not nice to me I’ll post the outtake of her posing on a truckbed.

••• Frozen pie on a stick coming to the neighborhood. Get in line behind me.
••• Films from the Tribeca Film Festival will be shown in Tribeca after the Festival.
••• Summer camp registration at Body & Mind Builders.
••• What do you mothers want your better other halves to shop for your Mother’s Day gifts?

••• No stop sign or traffic light for Greenwich at Duane.
eamonns-2-by-tribeca-citizen1••• Eamonn’s of Brooklyn (on Murray) was closed by the New York Supreme Court.
••• Ciao Bella in the WFC reopened after a rent dispute.
••• Plein Sud (in the Smyth) to open next month.
••• Teardrop Park South to open May 12. Details and photos.
••• Opposition to kindergarten solution.
••• Director Ed Burns has places to recommend in Tribeca: part onepart two.
••• Catherine Keener hangs out at Warren 77?
••• “Raves” at Thirty Days NY? Damn, where did I put my glowsticks?
••• Brooklyn Bridge work.
••• Photos from the Tribeca Film Festival opening party, which was below Canal Street.
••• Centrico’s Aaron Sanchez snagged a cookbook deal.
••• FiDi gets more middling restaurants.

If you know where this photo was shot, answer in t he comments on the page you reach by clicking here. It’s OK if you don’t answer. I do this for my own enjoyment, really.



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