Newsletter: May 24

It’s ice-cream weather—or close enough—so I went and tested all the non-truck options: Duane Park’s gelato stand (right); the Odeon’s cart; Ciao Bella; and the ice-cream sandwiches at Wichcraft and Tribeca Treats. The results are here. As a reward for my service, perhaps you could try out the various gyms for me…?

What’s going on in Tribeca this week: Sean Hayes speaks, “Breathless,” Jeff Daniels sings, Macao Trading Co.’s Drunken Dragon Festival, “Video Slut,” Emily Gould and other writers on their first kisses, Tool’s wine-loving frontman, “Equally Shared Parenting,” Wyatt Cenac, writer Lee Smith, and more. Plus: the full calendar through June 26.

I happen to love a good poem, but even I was a little intimidated by Poets House. I don’t write poetry, and I don’t claim to understand much of the poetry I come across. (Take the poetry in The New Yorker—please!) But the facility, to use an overly clinical word, has a lot to offer, even if you don’t know the difference between a sonnet and a limerick.

Tribeca—or Tribeca®—is a marvelous brand, perhaps because it can mean whatever you want it to. In a pair of roundups (part one and part two), I looked at a bunch of products all called Tribeca—besides the Subaru model—to see what, if anything, they have in common.

••• On June 3, Kiva Cafe will celebrate its fourth anniversary and you’re invited.
••• Coming to City Winery: Calexico, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.
••• On June 5, free soccer clinics for kids.
••• A wayward bra, and other photographic delights.

••• Mondo Cane’s show of Carl Auböck’s work gets featured in T Magazine.
••• Canal Street counterfeiters raided again.
••• Politicians gather to denounce moronic Tea Party leader and, separately, commemorate Albert Capsouto.
••• The newsstand at Broadway and Murray is special.
••• Actor Christopher Meloni moves to Greenwich Street.
••• Bob Townley to sit on the Hudson River Park Advisory Council.
••• One White Street, John and Yoko’s Nutopia, has sold.
••• Theater company 3-Legged Dog fights back against the MTA.
The above are all here. The below are all here.
••• An early look at Il Matto, the restaurant where Arqua used to be. (Left; photo by Melissa Hom, courtesy New York mag.)
••• CB1’s Battery Park City Committee is worried about traffic on Murray.
••• Does Tribeca extend east of Broadway?
••• Andrew Cuomo announces his run for governor in City Hall Park.
••• Big white fluffy dogs.


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  1. Yay to the counterfeit raids! It’s getting out of hand there. It’s almost physically impossible to walk on a sidewalk and with the trucks barreling down Canal, its too dangerous to walk on the street. Its practically impossible to cross out of Tribeca into Soho near Church Street… Thanks for the update!