Seen & Heard: Ace Is No More

••• A rep from 60 Hudson confirmed that the Ace Hardware store isn’t reopening.

••• Meanwhile, over on Duane: The space at 137 Duane that long ago used to be Raimo, a pizza joint, will indeed be a gallery (and not a doctor’s office). It’s due to open late September.

••• And Stuzzicheria, the Bar Stuzzichini spin-off coming to Church and Walker, sure appears to be moving quickly—the light fixtures are visible above the paper in the windows.

••• On Tribeca Citizen’s Facebook page, Wynne Lo noted that Billy’s Bakery and MaxDelivery will host a “social” tomorrow (Wednesday) from 7 to 9 p.m. at Billy’s, during which you can get one free cupcake for each one you buy.

••• From City Winery: “In 50 days we will be celebrating Rosh Hashana at City Winery with Amichai Lau-Lavie & Storahtelling.  He has put together a terrific ensemble of musicians and performers to create an engaging, interactive, and powerful high holiday service. […] The last few years have sold-out, so we strongly urge you to make your reservations ASAP to get your tickets and allow us to best plan for the days.”

••• If anyone knows anyone involved in the Landmarks Preservation Commission, please email me at A local businessperson is having an issue he could use some help with.



  1. Re: Stuzzicheria…and they’ve painted the name outside the front door and the tables and chairs (and something that looks like church pews) have arrived. So glad this corner is shaping up.

  2. They’re moving fast! I’ll see if I can find an opening date…