Twelve Tweets of Tribeca

The rules of Tweebeca: 1) I don’t necessarily agree with them. 2) I’m 99.7% positive these are about our Tribeca and not, say, the bakery in Istanbul. 3) Tribeca Citizen is on Twitter, too—@TribecaCitizen. This time there are only 12 instead of the usual 13 because, well, does this look like a bakery?

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“Pretty sure TriBeCa is the anti Narnia”
“WTFFFFFF AT THESE TRUCKS!!!!!!! I LIVE IN TRIBECA! IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE BE QUIET HERE!!!! *throws shit* [/imaginngimrichtantrum]”
“Tribeca is great for crazy rich people with substance abuse problems watching”
“I might be in TriBeCa, but I’m still ‘hood”


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  1. I’m guessing the “superstar chef” was Marc Forgione (can’t imagine Billy Joel blasting at, say, Corton). I’m not betraying a huge secret to mention that people who have spent time around Chef Forgione know he has this thing about cheesy 70’s music, which he uses to get himself and his staff charged up. I got the impression he knows it’s cheesy, but on some level effective. Can’t blame the tweeter for being disturbed by it, though.