Seen & Heard: Nicola’s Pop-Up

••• Remember the Wall Street Journal article about Michael and Victoria Imperioli’s building, how it said that the store Stella had just signed a $13,000 lease for the ground floor and basement? Stella’s owner Mischelle Arcus says that’s not true: “As the building is being sold, the landlords would not renew my lease and the price I’m paying is nowhere near $13,000.”

••• And remember how Lady Gaga stylist and Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti announced a pop-up shop coming to Tribeca this fall? It’s happening soon. He tweeted: “If you are in NY- 8 sept to 21 sept, please visit my new pop up concept store ‘NICOLA’S’ on walker st. tribeca.” Clear your calendars, New York Times Styles editors! It’s at 57 Walker, where Ted Muehling’s temporary showtique is; Muehling is moving to the old Manhattan Children’s Theatre space on White.

••• “I’m leaving on Saturday and the spa will re-open under new management after Labor Day!” —Soli Davis re: Shibumi Spa in Eastern Athletic.

••• The Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center says that Fiterman Hall (the big brick—or fake-brick?—building just north of 7 World Trade) “is on track to open to BMCC students approximately late summer 2012.”

••• Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano—who are DJs?—have a new track called “Tribeca.” The video was shot in Miami Beach, natch.



  1. Awesome video. I have found new role models and will proceed to change my heretofore bookish and anhedonic lifestyle starting NOW!

  2. Really. I’m starting by greeting everyone I see, whether I know them or not, by pointing the index fingers of both hands at them and pursing my lips. Next, I will by a Maserati. Erik, you have opened my eyes.

  3. That is “buy a Maserati”. You see? It’s beginning to work. Brain…is…changing.

  4. Oh my, that video!- I wish daily life was like that in Tribeca!
    Triangle Below Canal, Ladies!

    Dream vision of ‘gentrification’- seriously..