Seen & Heard: Mehtaphor Delivery

••• Mehtaphor is now on SeamlessWeb. Bring on the garlic fries!

••• From Torly Kid: “Third-generation [Wow. —Ed.] silhouette artist Erik Johnson is visiting Torly Kid Sunday August 14. Portraits are $25 and duplicates of the same person are $15 each. Reserve a time slot by calling 212-406-7440 or emailing”

••• Artist Peter Tunney (whose studio is at 70 Franklin) appears to have (temporarily?) taken over the storefront at 73 Franklin, which means Station, the digital printer, is gone. I went in there once to ask a question and they looked at me like I had two heads.

••• The folks at the 9/11 Memorial got back to me: I can change my guest’s name by emailing customer service (and not by accessing data on the website, despite the business about creating an account).

••• I added photos of the new subway entrance at 135 William to yesterday’s post. That’s one at left.

••• I went to the Greenmarkets at City Hall, Bowling Green, and Zuccotti Park today. The first two are fine, but it’s the same old stuff. Zuccotti was the surprise: Migliorelli Farm’s stand has the kind of offbeat produce (Japanese turnips, French breakfast radishes) I love, as well as celery (if you’ve never tried non-supermarket celery, you really should) and two types of arugula. But the heat isn’t helping anything.

••• There are few phrases I dread as much as “notary public,” so I was pleased to see that there’s one at the pharmacy at Prime Essentials.

••• Remember how I wondered why Con Ed doesn’t have ugly carts like Verizon’s?


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  1. Most bank branches will notarize docs for $1 or $2. And there’s usually a notary at Mail Boxes Etc. on Greenwich Street.