Seen & Heard: Walker’s Pizzeria

••• A reader reports that the Walker’s annex—a pizzeria loooonng in the works—won’t be called Walker’s as previously announced. Stenciled in the windows is Girello. I called to confirm that bit of info, and I learned that it opens tomorrow (Thursday) at 5 p.m. Update: As per the comments below (thanks!), Girello means “Walker” in Italian. And/or “babywalker” (so your baby doesn’t go to parties unattended?) and a cut of meat.

••• Paul Olsewski raised a question: “Any idea what is happening w/dog park on Warren? It’s been closed for days.” I asked around and posted it on Twitter, but I have yet to hear anything. UPDATE: An email going around says that “The Warren Street Dog Park has re-opened. A confluence of unfortunate events led to a disruption in the daily cleaning.  It was necessary to lock the run during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

••• I got an email at 6 p.m. yesterday saying that Asphalt Green Battery Park City had extended its charter membership promotion through Aug. 31, which is today, so hurry on over.

••• The PR rep for Compose/Atera confirmed that pastry chef Micah Phillips is indeed leaving the restaurant. UPDATE: See comments.

••• Joining ex-Tabla chef Floyd Cardoz at North End Grill, the Danny Meyer restaurant coming to the Goldman Sachs Dining and Entertainment Complex, will be GM Kevin Richer, who had been at Tabla.

••• @gclifford said this on Twitter: “Slow and Steady Sample sale today-Come visit me. More shoes in! 189 Franklin St. Suite 392 in Tribeca 10-5.”



  1. Micah Phillips is apparently going to work at the new Fatty ‘cue location …

  2. Jerry the owner at Walker’s says that the new pizzeria name means WALKER in Italian We are all looking forward to it Yes a long time in the making.

  3. Thanks to Eric for checking it out, and to Wicki for the translation. And yes, it’s been WAY too long!

    See you there!

  4. Actually it is an italian word for babywalker & also for a cut of meat!

  5. Oh nooooo…..not ANOTHER pizza parlor! What is happening to the fabric of our neighborhood? Sad days indeed.