In a Restaurant Rut?

If you’re trying to decide where to eat—or even to remember which restaurants are around here—you’ll want to make use of the Tribeca Citizen Restaurant Guide. Unlike with a lot of online guides, it’s kept up to date. (That said, if you ever see anything amiss, please email

Notable additions since I last brought your attention to it:
Sarabeth’s Tribeca
Pane Panelle
Pita Express
Picnic Basket
Morgans Market
Bangal Curry

As you can see from Pita Express, I’m dipping a toe into FiDi (and BPC and Hudson Square), so if you have suggestions, send ’em over. I also try to update blurbs for restaurants that may have changed chefs, taken a “break” (I’m talking about you, Bouley Studio), or whatever.

Also, I wanted to highlight a few comments that have been made in the guide. Please add yours!

••• “Love the manager, service, and food at Centrico, but the restaurant is in desperate need of TLC (cleaning, paint job, new chairs and upholstery). Or maybe I had too much sangria.” —Jim Smithers

••• On Josephine: “The BEST tarts and wonderful outside space.” —Toni. And this: “I go there often, and love it. The do have the best outside space and aspect. And their lunches are fine but their pastries are excellent.” —Liat

••• “I’ve been to Girello twice now and it was a great experience both times. The service is great, especially for New York’s standards, and the food was delicious. The margherita and bacon/basil pizzas were amazing. The wood burning ovens give the crust the perfect crunch. Prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere is nice, with good acoustics. I highly recommend this joint for a night out with your partner or a group dinner with friends. I hope to see Girello become a Tribeca staple just as its big brother Walker’s has become.” —Thomas (This comment was actually on the New Kid on the Block post about Girello, but I thought it worth including. It’s always better to comment on the restaurant guide because those pages are more likely to be seen as time goes on. The NKOTB post on Sarabeth’s Tribeca has also received some comments along those lines….)

••• “Unfortunately Blaue Gans has seen much better days… Food has gone dramatically downhill. Such a pity as this was a happening place.” —Anna

••• “We were looking around for a burger, and randomly stopped in front of Smith & Mills. It is the cutest place in the world. Very good crowd, european vibe, excellent service, fun to look at the chef preparing your meal directly behind the bar. If you get the little round table outside, you’ll get the vibe of the place, plus views of the sunset. And the burger is…. gorgeous! I highly recommend it!” —Marie



  1. All the above mentioned places are nice, but unfortunately not for those who eat on a budget. I have been to Smith and Mills and cocktails start at $13, while foods/tapas are over $15. It would be nice is some lower-budgeted places popped up in the neighborhood.

  2. I was waiting for you to mention Morgan’s Market, because I respect you and this this site, and I know you don’t run a “bitch for the sake of bitching” department…

    With that said, my wife has been urging me to bitch publicly about the fact that Morgans appears to make up the prices of flowers randomly. Example, the other day my wife pointed to some flowers. $8 she was told. She’d bought the same flowers a few days earlier at $7, and she told them that. “OK $7” was the reply.

    I (being the cool-headed conciliatory type) suggested that perhaps the flowers a few days earlier were less fresh, and therefore “priced to move”. Or perhaps they pay different “market rates” from time to time. My wife wasn’t buying it. She insisted on calling shenanigans.

    This is just FYI. Now I’ve bitched on my wife’s behalf. I hope it was helpful to her, or to others. Thx for listening.

  3. Where are the decent restaurants without screaming children running around…for adults?