In the News: School Zoning Meeting

••• “The next of three public sessions [on school zoning] is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday, October 4) at P.S. 234 (292 Greenwich St., between Warren and Chambers). The second session will be held this Thursday (October 6) at P.S. 158 (1458 York Ave.). The third, and final, public comment session is slated for Tuesday, October 11 at P.S. 11 (320 West 21st St.). In addition, feedback can be submitted via e-mail to” —Broadsheet Daily

••• For the first time ever, Zuccotti Park has become a tourist attraction. (OK, the sculpture of the guy sitting at the northwest corner has tourist appeal, but I doubt anyone seeks it out.) Is that why I keep seeing people walking around with huge cameras? —New York Times P.S. The photo is from Milo Hess’s photo essay on the Occupy Wall Street protestors.

••• The Post’s Andrea Peyser weighs in on the Duane Park sukkah, calling it—actually, no. I’m not even linking to it. She’s a hotheaded harridan—that’s a very Post nickname, no?—a right-wing Julia Sugarbaker without the charm. She’s also one of the main reasons I long ago stopped reading the Post, even as a guilty pleasure.

••• Manhattan Loft Guy dissects a sale at 366 Broadway, a.k.a. the Collect Pond House (includes a link to a video on Collect Pond, if history/geology is more your thing than real estate).

••• “Financial compensation is finally in sight for Ground Zero recovery workers and Downtown residents who are still suffering from 9/11-related illnesses—but they will have to wait just a little longer to apply.Federal officials have been saying for months that the new $2.8 billion Victim Compensation Fund would start accepting applications at the beginning of October, but now the claim forms will not be ready until Thanksgiving.” —DNAinfo


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  1. Thanks for posting the Collect Pond story. Can’t wait for the new Collect Pond park to be completed. The old one was certainly more run down and is/was more anonymous than Zuccotti.