Seen & Heard: Yard Sale

••• From Marco at Pasanella & Son: “Rebecca, my wife and the Decorating & Home Editor of Martha Stewart Living, [and I?] are clearing out our cache of furniture, furnishings, artwork, dishware, glassware, lighting and just plain cool knickknacks. Highlights include many photo shoot props as well as a motorcycle hobbyhorse. Everything is priced to move! Sunday, Nov. 6, 2 p.m.–6 p.m 11 a.m.– 6 p.m [they changed the time].”

••• An unqualified rave for Jungsik on Chowhound: “I had dinner at Jungsik last week. It looks like the restaurant had been listening to feedback! They’ve made a number of tweaks, all for the better. 1. The 5-course prix-fixe is now $115, down from $125. They have also added a 3-course prix-fixe option for $80. The 3-course prix-fixe consists of Salad, Rice / Noodle, Seafood or Meat. 2. The service had gotten quite polished. They used a crumb brush for clearing tables of crumbs. The silverware were all placed correctly. And yes, the bread was served near the beginning of the meal, right after the parade of amuses (a la EMP). The management is also encouraging diners to give feedback and it seems to be taking the comments very seriously.” There’s more.

••• RHX: Closing since early July.

••• The Seaport Museum is changing its name back to the South Street Seaport Museum. (via @julieshapiro)

••• I need help with two Nosy Neighbor questions: Does anyone have a contact at Citigroup? Ideally it’d be a community relations-type of person at the building on Greenwich. I also need to get translated some writing that appears to be a combination of Korean and Chinese. (It’s two characters, so it’s not like a big job.) Email me at Update: A reader says the characters are straight-up Chinese. Please help! Lives don’t depend on it!



  1. i will never miss a tribeca citizen newsletter again. i can’t believe i missed this yard sale…arggggghhhh!

  2. @JH: Reading the newsletter wouldn’t have helped, because I learned about it too late for it to show up in the newsletter that came out on Thursday. There are occasionally things like that, that you can only find out about by reading (I recommend checking it five times a day.)