Seen & Heard: Sea World Closes

••• Thanks to the reader who sent this tip (and photo): “FYI: Sea World closes on Lispenard. and Church. Talk about Saluggi’s owner opening up a new place. Went in and saw workers gutting the old place. Let’s see what opens in the future?” Indeed!

••• North End Grill has its liquor license; Scotch is a priority.

••• J&R Jr. is opening February 5 in the J&R Building #1 (at Ann St.).




  1. The Sea World location is really ideal for another nail salon.

  2. i believe sea world ii was on greenwich + duane before roc

    the end of the empire rip

  3. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a Tribeca Citizen reader who has actually has tried the fried delicacies at Sea World? Or maybe not?

  4. @The Dude — that fine dining establishment pre-Roc was “Sea Wok.”

  5. Never ate at Sea World, but was always impressed that it had an “A” rating fromt he DoH and other people seemed to like it.

    There was a branch in Chelsea, near Chelsea Market, but I think that closed a while ago too.

  6. I have been down here since 1977 and yes we have taken food home from SEA WORLD Maybe added a salad but remember back in the day we were overjoyed to have all the little joints. I ‘d hate to see a neighborhood where the norm is only high end stuff. Even the 1% like a guilty fried fish sandwich from time to time or cheep and cheerful Chinese a la Sea Wok. Is it really impossible to consider maintaining some kind of diversity of . . . Hell-
    EVERYTHING from stores, to eateries to the folks who inhabit ?

  7. My wife and I got food from Sea World all the time. It was notably fresh (meaning the oil was not reused endlessly) because the place had constant traffic. In fact, for what it was, it was about as good as that category of work fuel gets. In addition, the people were pleasant. My wife has been out of the country for the past several weeks and she’ll be quite disappointed to know it’s closed. For fast, cheap fish and chips I don’t know of anyplace else in the nabe that will step up. We’d tried others.

  8. How about another Italian restaurant??