Seen & Heard: Bogardus Plaza Work Begins

••• Work has begun on upgrading Bogardus Plaza.

••• New restaurant Woodrow’s is now offering delivery, via phone or Seamless.

••• Just Scandinavian is in the final phase of its escalating closing sale. I bought some awesome dessert plates today. (You know you’re old when….)

••• Real estate broker Ryan Serhant (of the “Million Dollar Listing” TV show) tweeted “It’s a done deal! My new office in Tribeca. 3 years in the business and I’ve got my own office!” I can’t quite place the location. Collister? (Wait, was he the guy getting photographed there this morning?) Someone please advise.

••• Passing this email along: “As a Writer for Bronx Mama I wanted to bring your attention to a rally that will take place at Zuccotti park this Wednesday and Thursday May 9-10 between 8 a.m. & 1 p.m. This rally is an action of All Our Power, a social movement that is bridging the gap between the 99% and the 1%! All Our Power brings a solution to the critical issues raised by the Occupy Wall Street movement. We will utilize the leverage of the user base to negotiate with the largest companies in every sector (from cell phones to health insurance and groceries) to lower pricing.”

••• And the Sign of the Week award goes to… New York Vintners!



  1. No, that’s not Collister. Must have been another guy in a suit this morning.

  2. @Erik – It’s Reade Street, near the dry cleaners. You’re welcome.

  3. Jim is omnipresent. Google Cam?

  4. @STH – No, not Google Cam. I have tapped into every baby monitor & nanny cam in Triburpia, allowing me to monitor every crook & nanny within a 15 block radius. But don’t tell anyone.

  5. Did Smithers just coin an excellent phrase? I found only three Google mentions of Triburpia, all of which were on a strange nanny blog,

  6. @Erik – If it’s not trademarked, then it’s MINE!. If it is, then it was a simple typo. Either way, it makes a great t-shirt or disposable diaper.

  7. @Jim: Read the fine print. All your comments are my property. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go figure out how I’ll be spending all the money I’ll be making from them.

  8. Reade Street across from NY Sports.