Seen & Heard: Mast Brothers Opening in the Seaport

••• The Chipotle coming to Murray and Greenwich now has signage; I wagered that it’d be open by Labor Day, but at this rate it could be even sooner. (Actually, as I was about to post this, Chipotle tweeted that they are shooting for late August/early September.)

••• Mast Brothers won’t return my calls, but I’ve heard that the chocolatier is is indeed opening a store on Water Street, in one of the Seaport Museum storefronts (across from the defunct Wendy’s). It’ll also offer cooking classes.

••• I was getting a haircut at Salvatore Barber Shop (in the Conrad New York hotel) when the Goldmanian next to me, discussing the recent New York Times article with Salvatore himself, noted the name Goldman Alley (with approval, I thought) and how he hadn’t previously heard of it. We’re making a difference here, folks!

••• I went to the CB1 Financial District Committee meeting to see what I could learn about the “Broadway Reconstruction Project,” but it moved from #2 on the agenda to #7, and I have dinner plans. I did chat up someone from the DOT, who said the project will run from Rector up to Ann/Vesey (presumably not all at once but staggered like the Chambers and Hudson projects). Either way, it means Broadway will be even more clogged.



  1. I couldn’t make the meeting either. I wanted to find out about the restaurant that is moving into the huge space at 100 Broad (The New York Clearinghouse space). Do you have any idea who is behind it? Are they taking the entire space?

  2. This would explain why Mast Brothers provided chocolate for the goodie bags at the South Street Seaport gala back in May. (The bar with salt and almonds was delicious!)

  3. I hope “GOLDMANIAN (as opposed to Goldmaniacal)” gets picked up also.