All Good Things Preview #5: Polux Fleuriste

All Good Things, the European-style food marketplace, opens at 102 Franklin on Saturday, Sept. 1. As a preview, we’re meeting the vendors. Next up is Polux Fleuriste. (Previous posts were about Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, Blue Marble Ice Cream, Nunu Chocolates, and Orwasher’s Bakery.) Photos courtesy Polux Fleuriste.

Partners: Barbara Sarudiansky (above left) and Anouchka Martin (above right).

A brief history of Polux Fleuriste: “Polux Fleuriste is a floral and lifestyle concept shop developed by Anouchka Martin in New York City’s Nolita District in January 2002.”

What makes Polux Fleuriste stand out: “Polux reflects Anouchka’s experiences as a daughter to a photographer and painter, whilst growing up in the French countryside. Polux, as a brand, is able to capture the beauty and simplicity of a single stem in a vintage apothecary bottle, without compromising the natural elegance of a flower. With its more elaborate compositions, Polux seamlessly plays with floral textures, monochromatic colors, with contrasts in movement and all the while paying homage to the beauty of nature. In 2009, Anouchka partnered with a childhood friend, graphic and clothing designer Barbara Sarudiansky. Barbara, now a partner, has been influential in promoting the business as an interior decorating and event resource.”

What shoppers can expect at All Good Things: “Daily flower arrangements, loose cut flowers, plants, terrariums, and soon tea and candles—and of course all the floral services for events and interiors. We will propose the color of the day—a kind of ‘plat du jour.’ Delivery will be free for the neighborhood.”



  1. Polux is my favorite florist in the world. Anouchka & Barbara are both amazing good people and real true inspiring talent. They have mary anything from my wedding bouquet to the smallest dinner hostess flower a true work of art.
    I am so happy that they are re opening so close to me!

  2. so beautiful! you are making us count down the days to September 1st (wait, it’s almost here!)

  3. Finally a tasteful Florist coming to Tribeca!! Can’t wait…

  4. This is VERY exciting..Polux has been missed and its return is a “”Good Thing”

  5. Bored housewives who live off men and trust funds all of you. Yes you too can pay $250 for a bunch of flowers which cost $15. Idiots.

    So much bullshit written on this page.

  6. You know you have a good website when you have trolls in the comment section. Keep up the good work, Erik.

  7. So much namecalling on this lovely blog! No, I’m not bored at all. I definitely have no trust fund. I work hard for the $. If I want to spend $250 on whatever, it’s my right. I don’t live off anyone. Do you have access to my bank account or my relationship? I don’t think so.

    Please, stop the insults.

  8. Best wishes!! It will be a nicer spring in Tribeca now that POLUX is back.
    They do deserve success,because they are talented and creative and most
    of all they love and “understand” the language of flowers.