Seen & Heard: Staple Street to Be Closed for Two Years

••• Barry’s Bootcamp will open in Tribeca on Sept. 27.

••• From the LMCCC: “A major interior and facade renovation project is beginning at 7 Harrison Street, and with it, the one-block stretch of Staple Street [from Harrison to Jay] is closed as of September 3rd for the duration of the project, approximately two years.” I hope pedestrians can pass through. And that people can reach ARC Athletics! Anyway, this might explain the parking changes.

••• Mark your calendars for Eat Real at Foley Square on Wednesday, Oct. 24. (I love the idea of Foley Square—the plaza by the courthouses—being used for events like this.) Here’s an excerpt from the letter that’s going out to local restaurants: “Eat Real at Foley Square will be a joyful culinary festival. We welcome farmers and artisans to our one-day Food Day Farmers Market, where downtown workers can easily access fresh produce. We’ll feature chef/student cook-offs, chefs using school-grown fresh produce, and healthy treats by youth. We welcome schools, gardeners and NYC health movers and shakers to share free and low-cost ways families can enhance their well-being. Eat Real at Foley Square marks United Nations Day, celebrating our international heritage, and Food Day 2012, which gathers Americans from all walks of life to push for healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way. Proceeds benefit Seeds in the Middle, a 501c3 charity named by 4th graders, empowering students to access all they need to get healthy.” It promises to be a great event; Jimmy Bradley of the Harrison is onboard. Anyone interested in participating—restaurants, local artisans, whatever—should contact Nancie Katz, director of Seeds in the Middle, at or 917-756-4202.

••• The Mysterious Bookshop has signed copies of Junot Diaz’s new novel, even though.

••• What’s in season at the Tribeca Greenmarket tomorrow: “Hot and sweet peppers, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, purple/red/white potatoes, leeks, beets, carrots, Asian pears, peaches, plums, honeycrisp apples and more.” Also, there will be a salsa contest on Sept. 15, so start chopping. And this is cute: The market’s farmers will compete in a Farmer’s Tan contest on Sept. 29.

••• Darcy sent in some photos from last night—the first is Gary Graham of the Gary Graham boutique on Franklin—now we know what we looks like, in case we spot him in the wild—celebrating Fashion’s Night Out, and the others are of the test of Memorial Tribute in Light, the poetic, eternally moving commemoration of 9/11 that will happen again on Sept. 11. I assume those are birds in the final image, gobbling up insects drawn to the lights.



  1. Aren’t there an extraordinary amount of photo shoots that take place in that tiny alley at all hours? And they won’t do anything to change that passage between two buildings over the street, will they? That overpass must be one of the most photographed and recognizable landmarks in all of Tribeca.

    Please tell me they won’t be changing the essential character of the street – and yes, I hope it does not have a negative impact of ARC Athletics as the owners are very nice folks and also local residents.

  2. Just wondering if they are still planning the tribute in light. I have to say that most of the pomp and circumstance around 9/11 does not interest me but the lights for some reason actually mean something and I would like to see it continue.

  3. @TribecaMom: Yes, it will, at least for this year.

  4. That’s so sad to hear that staple street will be closed! David is right that it is one of the most photographed places in the entire city by all types of photographers! Fashion shoots, weddings, families, travel photographers- so many shoots there! There were at least two major magazines that I know of that had fall spreads shot there! It’s one of my persona fav spots to shoot too.

    And yes those are birds in the lights, but they’re not coming for bugs. They are mostly migratory birds that are attracted to the light because it guides them as they migrate across the north east so especially when it’s cloudy out and there’s no light from the moon they flock to those lights. An interesting article about it here:

    Expect to see some tired birds on Wednesday morning!