Seen & Heard: Fulton Center

••• The giant juicer Fulton Center is coming along nicely.

••• “There is a meeting on the future of Pier 40 at 4 p.m. today at 22 Reade Street—I think all the usual suspects will be there,” wrote Bob Moore in a comment on this post.

••• “The Good Wife” is filming in the Duane/W. Broadway vicinity on Wednesday, Sept. 26. My mom will be tickled to hear it—she’s obsessed.

••• Dirty Bird To-Go’s Joseph Ciriello responded in depth to the question about how the chickens are raised.

••• I got some clarity about why Smith & Mills and Tiny’s were at the CB1 Tribeca Committee meeting earlier in the month. Basically, both restaurants had applied for sidewalk seating at the same time, and the committee approved it for Tiny’s but not S&M, but the Department of Consumer Affairs allowed it there anyway. In order to serve liquor outside, however, the restaurants needed to once again go before CB1, which is what this recent discussion was about. The committee voted to stay in line with its original recommendation—that Tiny’s be allowed to serve liquor outside, and Smith & Mills not. But the conventional wisdom is that the State Liquor Authority will be more likely to side with the DCA instead of CB1, in that it’s an extension of an existing license. (CB1 Tribeca generally believes outdoor seating shouldn’t be allowed on side streets, although loading docks appear to not have to go through the approval process, and certain exceptions have snuck through.)

••• My heart skipped a beat when the World of Suits awning disappeared, but the proprietor said it’s temporary, that the facade is being cleaned up.

••• Also on Warren: 258 Broadway appears to be trying harder to lease the back half of the old Strawberry space—there’s new signage saying that it’s bi-level and 15,000 square feet (!), which must mean that the basement portion extends under the TD Bank…?

••• Pen Parentis‘s next literary salon (Oct. 9) will feature Lucille Lang Day, Julia Fierro, and Tribeca’s own dentist/novelist, Lewis Gross.

••• Last I had heard, Aamanns/Copenhagen would open this month, so I emailed today to see if that was still a possibility—and I was told I’d hear when an opening date is set. I think we can extrapolate it’s not this month.

••• On Sept. 30 (11 a.m.  to 4 p.m.), New Amsterdam Market is holding an East River Moon Festival, “with a traditional lion dance, dumpling demonstration by Chef Wai Hon Chu from Wholefoods Culinary Center, lantern making by Museum of Chinese in America, and an Asian market fare by guest chefs Simpson Wong from Wong and Wasan and by market vendors Banh Mi from Brooklyn Cured. There will also be a special evening lantern-lighting from 6-8pm at the site of the Fulton Fish Market.  There will be free refreshments […]. Complimentary red lanterns and moon cakes will be available as well.”

••• A big howdy to the folks at Tribeca Barber Shop! I went in there for the first time today—drawn in by the $7 neck clean-up promoted in the window—and I tried to explain this site. Not sure I ever mastered the elevator pitch.

••• Opening Nov. 15 at Apexart: “As Real As It Gets,” curated by writer Rob Walker, who gathered “fictional products, imaginary brands, hypothetical advertising and speculative objects, devised by artists, designers, writers, musicians, companies and in one case, a government entity.” Like Vip?!



  1. Anyone want to bet the Jackie Robinson Museum will open before Aamanns?

  2. Funny! And Sad! Poor aamanscopenhagen … Permits must be such a painful process