Seen & Heard: Theater Bar in Play?

••• A bunch of “for lease” signage went up at 257 Church—the space at Franklin that got rumored to be an IHOP, and then a phone store, although that was later questioned—making one wonder if any definite plans have been set for it at all. (Spaces often get worked on with “for lease” signage still up, but it’s rare for it to go up after plans are underway.)

••• Is something happening at the old Theater Bar space at 114 Franklin? (Looks like it.) I had heard rumors of a new lounge-y bar in Tribeca—could one be opening just down the street from the lounge-y bar coming to Centrico?

••• Martin Scorcese’s ’80s film—big phones! coke!—starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street, is shooting on Warren on Monday.

••• A mini Nosy Neighbor for you: “Saw a sidewalk shed at the property located on the corner of West Street and Vestry [72 Vestry]. Any idea what’s going on here? Are they getting ready to raze the sight to prepare for a waterfront tower?” I floated the question over to a reader who is better at reading Department of Ignoring Bloggers Buildings permits. “Checked the building work types and it currently says Alteration Type III which means minor work (see attached for details),” was the reply. (The attached had this to say: “Alteration Type III applications are the simplest and relate to one kind of work type only—a plumbing fixture, a boiler, minor carpentry—in essence, a minor amount of work.”)

••• I was in a cab on Sixth Ave. last night (en route to the delicious if somewhat maddening Soto), when I noticed/realized that Cachaçaria Boteco, the pocket bar inside/adjacent to AOA, didn’t seem to be there anymore. I looked online, and the last I saw was that it was closing for the summer. I just called and the guy who answered said it was closed in a way that sounded like it was for good. But then I thought maybe he just meant it was closed now, in the middle of the day, so I called back. They’ve left the space forever—the rent is too damn high.

••• Thanks to Tony for sending over a photo of the traffic light at North End and Murray, which he says were turned on this morning.


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  1. Saw Martin Scorcese at the North Cove Marina on Saturday evening walking onto a big yacht docked there. A guy from a nearby sailboat who has been docked there for a few days said that they are filming some scenes for The Wolf of Wall Street on the boat.