Seen & Heard: Sushi of Gari Opening Date

••• Dirty Bird To-Go is taking online orders through its site (; Seamless starts next week.

••• Sushi of Gari says it will open Friday or, if that doesn’t work out, Monday. (If you’ve been asleep for the past two years, it’s opening in the old Bouley Upstairs space, on the northwest corner of W. Broadway and Duane.) Because of the uncertainty, they don’t know when they’ll start taking reservations. It looks nice inside…. UPDATE 10/5: It’s opening tonight (Friday).

••• I came across a great-looking White Street loft on the website for Work Architecture, so I called to find out if it had been published, and it had, in the New York Times Magazine, back in 2010. Turns out that it’s the home of Lela Rose and Brandon Jones, which we already Loft Peeped.

••• Benares, the new Indian restaurant coming to 45 Murray, put up a sign. Looks like it’s aiming to be a “lounge,” too. It’d be kind of awesome if the left the neon in the window.

••• Sole di Capri (f.k.a. Capri Caffé) doesn’t have a working phone yet, but you can walk up to take out. The restaurant doesn’t have takeout menus printed yet, either, and they’re not online, so I made two PDFs: Sole di Capri dinner menu (appetizers) and Sole di Capri dinner menu (entrées).

••• I added two new items to the Tribeca Citizen T-shirt shop: a toddler’s T-shirt (the shirt is by Rabbit Skins) and an organic kid’s shirt (by Anvil). They’re $15 and $20, respectively—a small price to pay for what your child will gain in self-esteem.

••• Lynda Caspe has a show of landscape paintings at Sovereign/Santander Banks (108 Hudson) through January 1. The opening event if Oct. 23, 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.



  1. Is Sole di Capri functioning yet? No one answers the restaurant’s phone at 3 on a Wednesday, and the above item suggests that dinner takeout is possible, but that implies that dining in is not. Is it open for lunch? Inquiring appetites want to know! And as long as you’re on the topic, why’d they change the name?

  2. @Barak: Whatever you do, don’t walk over there! Just don’t do it! I kid.

    Yes, it’s open for lunch and dinner. The phone just doesn’t work yet. I’ll leave it to you to find out about the name change, but I’d guess that the word “caffé” brought in too many people looking for a cappuccino and an electrical outlet.