Newsletter: Nov. 1

In a word: Oy. My heart goes out to all of you who suffered damage and who don’t have power yet. If there’s one thing Lower Manhattanites know how to do, however, it’s choose the shortest line at Whole Foods persevere. We’ve faced jihadist terrorists, unshowered anarchists, never-ending construction, anti-Islam bigots, a startling lack of school-capacity planning, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s house arrest. We can handle this.

I made the decision to stay in Kent, Conn., where Adam and I rent a house, and I have often regretted it—I feel like I should have been there with you. But it’s possible that I may have been more useful here, using your firsthand accounts to post, tweet, and retweet info like mad. (We lost power here, too, so it wasn’t exactly a cakewalk.)

I’ll keep updating the Share Your Sandy post (in the comments) about openings, but the best place to keep up is at—I keep pointing out that you don’t have to give a crap about Twitter to benefit from it because I know a lot of you will simply refuse to look at that page. Trust me: It’s useful, and it’s far more real-time than anything on (or on most sites, actually). Important information is coming from all angles right now, and news sites (and the news media in general) takes time to process it. Plus, none of them will tell you which restaurants are open for dinner tonight. By the way, let’s all give a hearty thanks to the businesses who were able to get open, even if only for a few hours.

This “Sandy’s Aftermath” post has some photos that folks sent me—much of them probably already feel like ancient history—as well as a few updates. And late yesterday I posted two roundups:

••• 10/31: Parking garage tragedy. Plus: Baby born during the storm; Katie Holmes; Halloween parade; Seaport dining; Trinity Place department store; data-center central; Jason Binn; Battery turkey; FiDi nightclub, Ward III’s Sandy cocktail; Tribeca walking tour report.

••• 10/31: Downtown Community Center flooding. Plus: Aamanns / Copenhagen opening delayed; Matt Bernson sample sale; “Boardwalk Empire” on Tribeca; T-shirts.

Some of it may seem trite given the circumstances; on the other hand, Matt Bernson sample sale!

Things will return to normal. Here’s wishing you the speediest possible recovery. Ad if anyone knows anything about when the parking garage at 95 Worth might reopen, please get in touch.




  1. Erik, thanks for doing all the updates and re tweets…its very much appreciated!