Seen & Heard: NYPD Stables Not Coming Back Anytime Soon

••• Remember how the NYPD promised the stables would return to Tribeca in 18 months? That was 18 months ago and the NYPD has—according to various sources—made no progress on locating a spot for its WTC command. (The stables were kicked out so the WTC command could have a base near-ish the WTC.) A rep for councilmember Margaret Chin says they’ll send a letter to the commissioner.

••• From Christy Frank at Frankly Wines: “The Lower Manhattan Recovery Wine Tastings are tonight, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Several below-Chambers Street wine stores are banding together for a little self-help. We’re planning a multi-store tasting crawl. There’s live music and food at California Wine Merchants, Hudson Baby Bourbon cocktails at my store, and other liquid treats at Rosetta, Royal, and Downtown Cellars.”

••• The Lounge at Atera started a Twitter account, so it appears that’ll be the subterranean bar’s name.

••• Reader Popstarr2000 (wonder if he/she regrets not making it “2020”) says the rumor is that Mudville 9‘s owner (whose daughter’s name is evidently London) is behind the plans for something called London 41 at the Eamonn’s space on Murray—it’s a rumor I had actually heard then forgot about. Got to start taking notes….

••• Torly Kid has started a fund to help rebuild the New York Aquarium at Coney Island.

••• UPDATE: Katie says that Tribeca Canvas got its liquor license.

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  1. Does anyone know why the NYPD vacated the substation–can’t remember the term they used for it–below the WTC on Washington Street? That would have seemed to be an ideal place for their WTC command, being closer to the WTC. It’s still vacant.