Seen & Heard: Barbarini Update

buses on vestry 13113••• Academy buses parked on Vestry yesterday afternoon; several were idling. Can’t the police be encouraged to swing by and shoo them away?

••• Those flowers on the West Street bridge were evidently an art project just to brighten our day. See the comments here.

••• From the LMCCC: “Two weekend crane lifts will bring road closures outside 377 Greenwich Street in Tribeca. Greenwich Street between Franklin and N. Moore Streets will be closed the weekends of February 2nd and 3rd, and 9th and 10th, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. Motorists will be detoured to southbound West Street and eastbound Chambers Street.”

Seaport Barbarini••• Luis says in a comment on my Seaport post that “It appears that Barbarini is moving to the [Financial] District in the corner space at William and Ann and I’ve heard from a good source that another of the Front Street restaurants is also taking a larger space space closer to Fulton. I’ll disclose who and where once I get confirmation.”

••• Something labeled as “NABP Smart Dog/ Valencia” is filming on Duane today. Couldn’t find anything online. Update: A reader tells me that the Food Network show “Chef Wanted” is filming at Blaue Gans today and tonight, so maybe that’s what it refers to.

••• Last night, I was in the West Village when I overheard someone say “Did you hear about that?” as he pointed to one of those mixed-message crosswalk signs. But I couldn’t hear the follow-up remark without stalking them. Does anyone know what the story is? They’re everywhere. (I only kind of looked online.)



  1. I think they are signs that malfunction. THe city suggests you call 311 to report.

  2. @citypixie: I found that article, too, but it’s from 2010…. Surely they would’ve fixed that problem by now?

  3. I remember reading last winter or the one before that the walk + don’t walk problem was caused by extreme cold. The problem certainly seems to have compounded last week when the temperatures were abnormally low.

  4. A reader sent in this explanation on Gothamist:

    Pertinent part: “DOT spokesperson Seth Solomonow sent us this statement: ‘There are about 100,000 pedestrian signals citywide (roughly about eight pedestrian signals per signalized intersection). Many signals are reaching the end of their expected seven-year life cycle. About 5% were repaired for ‘dual phase’ issues related to lens problems last year (that is, over a twelve-month period). As with all of our facilities, we have an active program to replace and repair malfunctioning signals. In addition to our own inspections, any individual units that need attention can be reported to 311 for prompt repair.'”

    LOL re calling 311

  5. Take pictures of the illegally-parked buses showing the location, license plate, company info, the owner/operator/USDOT info that’s along the side somewhere near the bottom, and send it along with the date and time to CB1. They will forward it to a person at the city who contacts the bus company with proof that they are parking illegally. Some of these buses are equipped with GPS devices so that the company knows where they are as opposed to where they’re supposed to be.

    Good luck with getting the police to do anything.

    Or if you have an hour or two you could call 311.