Seen & Heard: John Allan’s Update

••• Jerry’s Café is closed for renovations; according to the sign in the window, it’ll reopen Feb. 19.

••• “Manhunt at 6 am at [Tribeca Health & Fitness] this morning,” posted a friend on Facebook. “Literally. If 10 Federal Agents in vests with multiple guns invade your gym looking for someone—should you stop working out and leave?”

••• In case you missed yesterday’s update on the Lindsay Lohan rumor, here it is again: “Representatives for the owner of the space contacted me to set the record straight. They said that a high-end Mexican restaurant is indeed interested in the space, but no deal is done yet. If it works out, they will be applying for a liquor license, but they won’t have a DJ booth and they won’t be asking for a 4 a.m. closing. And they said the restaurateurs have absolutely no contact with Lindsay Lohan: ‘They don’t even know her.’ (I suggested that if someone who even looks like Lindsay is hanging out and giving advice, they might do well to keep her away for a while.)” And then there was this item in the New York Post about who’s behind the Mexican restaurant.

john-allans-pomade-by-tribeca-citizen••• In response to Dave’s question about whether John Allan’s Tribeca is reopening (next to Vestry Wines’s former location), Rohin said, “I know John Allan’s is coming back.… Original date was February—but then were some delays re: building systems work. They are waiting for the building to give them the go ahead but have been told to anticipate April/May re-start of operations at that location.”

••• From Tribeca Trust: “Do you love Tribeca? Are you willing to talk about that on camera? Tribeca Trust is producing a video series about how Tribecans see, experience, and appreciate the historic districts we live in. All ages are welcome to participate. Well known Tribecan Chuck Levey, the cinematographer, will be coordinating the project. If you would be willing to be interviewed on camera for this series, please send a note to and we will contact you to schedule a time and place for a short  interview.”

••• Starbucks news #1: The company is filming a commercial at its location at W. Broadway and Leonard on Wednesday night (through to Thursday morning). Starbucks news #2, from the WFC: “On 2/18, Starbucks will open at 200 Liberty St./1WFC near Devon & Blakely. The location in the courtyard closes Friday….”

snowstorm woolworth building••• From Hal Bromm: “A NYC non-profit organization, Friends of Terra Cotta, has just released a new publication about The Woolworth Building: Highest of the Hand-Made Buildings: The Woolworth Building & Architectural Terra Cotta. Friends of Terra Cotta produced this publication to honor the 100th birthday of the Woolworth Building, which was completed in 1913.” The 18-page booklet ($7) “includes a full color centerfold of a beautiful building with a ‘body’ of terra cotta.” This PDF has info on how to buy a copy.

••• A question from Mary: “We recently bought a condo on Reade and we are very happy with the building. We just received our first Con Ed bill, and it seems really expensive, especially because we have not moved in yet. 336kWh for a bill totaling $106.54. Do you have any insight as to electricity providers and if there is any way to save $$. The fridge is on and the heat is at 65, otherwise there is no use of electricity.” I leave the Con Ed bill to my better other half. Anyone out there have suggestions? (A friend later emailed her that “With respect to Con Ed’s point that its monthly kWh price varies, that is our understanding from our current process. The following comes from our prospective third party supplier: ‘Con Ed sets their market supply rates each month arbitrarily and with the consent of the Public Service Commission. There are several different components going into their calculation of rates including market costs, Con Ed’s internal administrative costs, profit margins permitted by the PSC, as well as other adjustments contained in the PSC tariff.'”)



  1. I hope Chuck is able to capture the perfect cinematic mood when Lynn Ellsworth’s recreates her timeless quote Re: 11-15 Leonard Street, “Those who want to live in these kind of ugly glass monstrosities or who want to build them should do so OUTSIDE of Tribeca.” Slogan = “Trust us to love Tribeca the RIGHT way!”

  2. Mary, I was dismayed at my ConEd bills last winter ($145/month for a 550sf apartment with radiator heat) and did some investigating. You can call ConEd, and they will schedule an audit of your apartment to ensure your meter is working correctly. I worked with my building and ConEd, and unfortunately found that my bills were accurate.

  3. My electricity bill has increased substantially from last year. The main driver is that the “Market Supply Charge” has more than doubled from ~5 cents/Kwhr to 11 cents/Kwhr. This is the market price of electricity – grid price – that has increased so much.