Seen & Heard: Turks & Frogs Has Closed

••• J. sent over this photo of one of the Goldman Sachs ferries, now open to the public: “I was a little hesitant/embarrassed to take pictures of the interior but I can tell you I was positively impressed. Nice carpet floors (dark grey), lounge-style tables and seating areas, tons of light, incredibly quiet (relative to the older NY Waterway ones). Nice!” I’ll go take some interiors on Monday….

••• As expected, Turks & Frogs has closed. The Greek restaurant replacing it hopes to be open by April, and it’ll now be called The Greek instead of Filoxenia. You can sign up for updates on the restaurant’s website.

••• Heard back from the manager at Nili Lotan about the old Karkula space: “We are moving our office, sample room, and showroom to 48 Walker. Eventually it will be a retail store as well. We are keeping our Duane Street store open.”

••• A reminder that the Tribeca Trust talk about the neighborhood’s historic districts is Sunday at 4 p.m.

••• Sometimes a single flower is all you need. This one is from Polux Fleuriste, which wrapped it up as if I’d bought an entire bouquet.



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