Inside a Goldman Sachs Ferry

Last week, Goldman Sachs decided to put its two new ferries into service, and what’s more, they were being operated by NY Waterway and open to the plebes public. Then J. sent over a photo of one of the ferries, saying it was nicer than the other, older ferries. So I realized I should go ride one.

The roundtrip to Paulus is $12. Because the unhelpful ticket clerk gave me vague information, I first rode one of the old ferries, the Hoboken—handy for comparison’s sake, I suppose. I didn’t think it was that bad, but a) it was nearly empty, and b) I like most boats.

Ny Waterways Hoboken ferryNY Waterway old ferryWhile I waited five minutes in New Jersey for one of the Goldman ferries to show up, I admired the company’s building there. I had never seen it up close. I think it’s a fantastic building.

Goldman Sachs Paulus building 22513And of course I took some photos of the Lower Manhattan skyline.

Lower Manhattan skyline 22513Then the new ferry showed up. It was the York; a crew member said the other one, the Jersey, was out of service. The York is indeed pretty lovely, with a skylight and loungier seating. I’m not sure about the green, but the stripes were zippy and the gray carpet was more pleasant than the Hoboken’s vinyl flooring. The lack of an outside deck struck me as a bummer. I didn’t notice whether the engine was quieter, to be honest—but if it’s newer, it probably is.

Goldman Sachs ferry YorkGoldman Sachs ferry York interior2Goldman Sachs ferry York interiorGoldman Sachs ferry York skylightThe ferries surely deserve better names than the uninspired York and Jersey. Any suggestions?

Update: J. sent over another shot of the interior (looking toward the bow).

Goldman Sachs ferry by J



  1. It could have been Goldman and Sachs. Ai. Or Cuomo and Christie. Ugh. Bloom and Berg. (This could be fun.) York and Christie are beginning to look really good.

  2. Wow…was that a Freudian slip? I typed Christie for Jersey. Maybe simply a subconscious political statement?

  3. Apparently, you’ve been stealing stories from Downtown’s resident rage blogger and self-aggrandizing paranoid fantasist.

    Any comment? Have you NO SHAME?

  4. You should give credit to other site when you are “inspired” by them to do your own reporting. Have you ever taken this ferry from this slip prior to reading about it in DowntownTV or NYT?

  5. Seriously, “Dr.” Greer?

  6. I thought I was childish but that guy takes the ice cream cake. Did BatteryPark.TV, oops that’s Downtown.Tv now, ever mention that it use to “steal” comments from TC? He should rename his blog to CrazyTown.Tv.

  7. @K: When I first read about the ferries in the New York Times last week, I included the article (and credited it to the New York Times, with a link to the article) in an “In the News” post: If another outlet covered the ferries first, I had no idea, because the New York Times article has no mention of it, and I no longer read the other site in question.

    For this subsequent post, I linked to the “In the News” post that includes the New York Times article. Should I have acknowledged the New York Times again? The current industry standard says, no, that would not be necessary. Perhaps one day information will be embedded with identifying technology, so we’ll know where it started—whether that would be good or bad is a pretty interesting subject to think about.

  8. To the previous anonymous posts who are certainly cronies of the blogger who runs this site, back up you are unemployed and reading blogs during the day. Go create something original that leads to national paper coverage then watch it stolen without credit. See how you feel then.

  9. Typo “back up” above should be deleted. And my affiliation with and DowntownTV was left off

  10. By the way, once again, one of my stories has generated more comments than any original story ever made by this blogger.

  11. You’re right, I am going to change my life TODAY!!! I just bought the domain name Crazytown.TV!! Thank you, I would have never done something like that without your tough love and gentle nudge to strive for national paper coverage!
    EriK, please accept my immediate resignation as a first-class cronie.

  12. Jim Smithers is a fictitious name and uses fake emails. I know this for a fact becuase he has tried to post on our. News sites but was deleted.

  13. No irony, then, “Dr” Greer, in the fact that you are reading blogs during the day? Are you unemployed? By your own logic, you must be.

    You are insane.

  14. “Doug” is another fictional name used by the blogger

  15. Steven Greer is not licensed as a physician in New York state, the state in which he resides, so I question what type of MD he actually he is. His claim to be a published journalist is based on an op-ed submitted to the WSJ, for which he listed himself as CEO of the Healthcare Channel and a financial analyst. Haven’t you heard of him?

  16. To fictitious “Doug” I am on a smartphone posting these comments

  17. Erik, imitation (even by this mental midget) is some kind of flattery, I suppose… Please do not let this stop all you do for our community.

  18. Dr. Steven E. Greer, MD, DDS, Esq.,
    Your use of the word “stolen” was an odd if not ironic choice. Do you consider defaulting on your $100,000.00 loan commitment to Scott Seymour stealing?

  19. Ruh-roh.

  20. To anonymous “Alan” you are someone who googles and thinks the first name is the person you are talking about. I am the UFO guy too

    Also based on your interest in this you are very close personally to this blogger if not he himself

  21. Please, Dr. FrankenGreer, we are all the SAME person. You are not paranoid. Take me to your leader!

  22. To Strollerlesstribecahottie

    How much free time do you have? I am forced to comment on this junk because it involves me. What is your interest? Are you friends with the blogger and not a true “viewer” making legitimate comments. Why do you use fake names? I use my real name.

  23. For a person who does not allow any negative comments on his own blog, you’re accusations of cronyism are pretty rich, “Doc”. Open up your blogs for real and we’ll see how that goes.

    You do have a good point, though – Erik and I never appear at the same time and place together. Hmmmmmm. Suspicious? I think so. I also never appear at the same time as Superman or Batman, so I must be them as well! I must be the entire Justice League of crazy! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  24. Whoops, I used “you’re” incorrectly.

    Perhaps this is a ploy to throw you off the scent, “Doctor”. Perhaps.

  25. To fake “Doug” who is too acted to post real name

    We most certainly do allow critical comments. Look at the story about Brookfield Place new restaurants. Many people slammed me and they were correct. Also, there is no “Doug” in our deleted blocked comments bin. You must have used a different fake coward name for our site.

    This blogger sure has some real devoted nuts. Just review this pathetic string from today.

  26. Typo “acted” should be scared

  27. By the way, since this is not a new site and is a personal blog and space for real estate ads, these comments are not protected by the higher legal standards of journalism and make all this easy to act on.

  28. By the way, those ferries look awesome!!

  29. And “Dr” Greer “MD,” who is not licensed as an MD or board certified as any sort of “surgeon,” must abide by what kind of standards? I wonder. I should sue you for impersonating a physician! And a journalist! And a CEO!

  30. By the way, my name is as real as yours, “Dr” Greer. I am Strollerless and a Hottie. Just as you are an MD. Only I carry my papers. Let’s see yours.

  31. Seriously, those ferries look really awesome!

  32. No Steve, you are not the UFO guy. But you might be crazier than he.

    Funny that you deny that you owe the guy 100K when the defendant LLC (you) is registered at your address:

    That same defendant (you) is listed as the owner of your blog:

    “BatteryPark.TV is a multimedia content channel owned by Cortex Television LLC, of Franklin County, Ohio, United States.”

    This information is publicly available and took all of 2 minutes to obtain. Just pay Scott Seymour the money he lent you and quit making hollow (and laughable) legal threats against people who are merely supporting a friend because you needlessly lashed out at him in a public forum rather than contact him directly like a gentleman.

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    You guys are so sophisticated wih this internet stuff. What’s google? You mean because I have a medical license you can find info on me? Well I never. Humph

  41. Holy cow. How did you learn the name of our company CortexTv? That’s some sophisticated stuff. Did you actually look at our Terms of Use page. Wow!!

  42. Oh my. It seems that fake Alan and fake Jim Smithers have the same IP address. Could it be they are in the same apartment or are the same person?

  43. Okay, okay… shall we surrender and just rename those ferries Crazy and Pointless?

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  45. Actually, “Dr” Greer, you do not have a medical license in NY or OH. And you no longer have one in FL.
    Where do you hold a license?

  46. Reading his coments reminds me of the old adage:

    Just because a jackass brays, it doesn’t mean we have to listen.

  47. To fake name “Stroller” who is a friend of the blogger, you guys are funny. This string of comments demonstrates how misleading blogs and google can be. I most certainly do have a license, not that I ever made an issue of that. These deep dark secrets you kee trying to dig up are just misguided. It is 11:39 AM and you are wasting time on a blog.

  48. To the two people Alan and Smithers who using the same IP address and might be he same person and unemployed Stroller fake name, instead of Googling me, has it occurred to go to the “about us” page? On or search the wall street journal? I am a financial analyst, healthcare policy analyst, and yes, a licensed surgeon. But again, you all keep bringing that up not me. And you just made a slam dunk defamation case against you as well.

  49. To fake name Stroller I just went to the NY site and my medical license easily is found. No wonder you are home blogging at noon and not working. I sadly am forced to waste time to defend against these defamatory blog posts.

  50. Couple things before moving on from you forever…

    It’s not defamation, Steven. Not even close. Just because you appeared in court, and lost, doesn’t make you a lawyer. This may actually explain something else–owning a stethoscope and tongue depresser doesn’t make you…. well, anyhow.

    Re the IP addresses, you are either lying about them or your information is wrong. I’ve never met Jim Smithers (though, I would like to). Far as I know, no one on here has. The intrigue surrounding his identity is part of his brilliance* (there’s even a t-shirt about him).

    Last, the folks in the comment section are individual supporters of Erik and the TC. We have no affiliation other than readership. Do your homework (read a few posts) and you’ll figure that out I don’t know Erik either. Never met him. I can’t speak for everyone here but my support is based upon my enjoyment of the service he provides me and my neighbors while asking for nothing (well, very little anyway) in return. He provides this service with a lighthearted earnestness despite having to respond to the rare, and sometimes personal, attack in the comment section from some self-important, humorless troll about the content of his post. Hell, he’s even kind to the trolls in his response! If you had a concern about a post, you should have contacted him privately rather use your flimsy platform to publicly bully him for what gain I have no clue. But since you didn’t, we now know a lot more about you; none of it good but much of it predictable considering the irrationally angry, and often untruthful, nature of the statements you’ve made above. And now, I’m done.

    *admittedly, “brilliance” may be a tad hyperbolic. I enjoy him, anyway.