Seen & Heard: Landmark Finally Getting Unveiled

••• I saw workers on Harrison yesterday fiddling with the scaffolding at 2 Harrison, a.k.a. the old New York Mercantile Exchange building, and then I noticed the copper dome—not the right word but you get my drift—was once again visible. I asked the workers if the scaffolding was coming down; it’s been up since 1983. (I made that up.) One said, “Not today,” then the other said, “Soon,” and then the first one said, “From the top down.”

••• A reader wrote in with some clarification on the Walker break-ins post: “a man either psychotic or on drugs (as stated by the cops) used the scaffolding at #42 to get onto their fire escape & climb onto the scaffolding & fire escape at #38. he RAILED, SCREAMED, SWORE & pounded on the fire escape & fire escape door windows, breaking windows on the 3rd & upper floors. it all happened around 3am & there were many cops on the street but they were waiting for the emergency services unit. it all lasted about an hour & was a nightmare. I was told later that the same guy had been up to something else earlier in the week.”

••• Blumberg’s Law Products closed its shop at 62 White; it’s moving to Brooklyn.

••• Los Americanos is now serving breakfast and lunch.

••• Saluggi’s Sandwich Shoppe has reopened.

••• As of this morning, there was still paper in the windows at 104 Franklin, so I guess the Franklin Place sales office isn’t open after all.

••• There are signs around Broadway and Franklin for a Paramount Pictures production called “4 Square,” to film Thursday. I found nothing online, which means (in my experience) that the title is fake. (Take a look at Paramount’s list of productions in the works and let me know if “4 Square” makes sense for any of them, will you?) This ticks me off to no end. We put up with a lot of inconvenience from film shoots, and it seems the very least the producers could do is be upfront about what they’re up to. I called the city’s “Made in NY” office to ask/complain, but I haven’t heard back yet. I also asked @OLV, which tends to know this stuff. UPDATE: @OLV came through with the info on Thursday’s “4 Square” shoot in Tribeca: It’s the new Ninja Turtles movie.

17 Harrison••• The windows at 17 Harrison are papered, and I think it’s recent. Could be residential reno, I suppose, but my first thought was that it’ll be a sales office for 7 Harrison, the conversion happening at the corner of Staple.

••• The Loopy Doopy is opening for the season today at 4 p.m.

••• Notable new addition to the May CB1 agendas: “Hornblower at Pier 15 – Presentation by Dean Bodnar and Stamatia Tsismenakis, NYCEDC.” (FiDi Committee, May 1.) Sound slike it has something to do with Hornblower Cruises.

••• Let’s start a rumor! Yesterday, I was walking by the Citigroup complex on Greenwich when I passed these gentlemen discussing, in an architectural/space-planning sense, the area they’re standing in front of.

••• From Shelly: “Gateway Cyclists will be at the bike rack Liberty Street and South End Ave on Wednesday, May 1, at 11:30 a.m. for a press conference concerning Citi Bike’s removing our existing bike racks for a bike-share program.”

••• Cheryl Farber Smith’s “Mellow Yellow” sculpture is up in Tribeca Park. It’ll be there through October.Tribeca Park Mellow Yellow sculpture



  1. Do you know what happened to Bikini Bar?

  2. 4square is the production company for the ninja turtles. Look for Megan Fox, in Auburn hair ad April. The rest are a bunch nonames