The Seaport, Six Months Later

I wandered over to the Seaport yesterday afternoon to see how it was doing. Can you believe it has been six months since Sandy? And three months since the Three Months Later post?

The good news is that some businesses are open, and while half of the charming Upper Seaport block of Front Street is fenced off—so reconstruction on the buildings on either side could happen more easily—the workers said that in a month and half, the block would be back in business. (Five tenants on that block recently signed new leases, and New Amsterdam Market should announce its opening date soon.) The Peck Slip reconstruction project, however, will continue for a while, and it’s a monster.

Please do go support the Seaport! It may still be chewed up, but many of the businesses that make it special are back. When I was there, I bought a wonderful letterpress graduation card at Bowne & Co. on Water Street, and a bottle of Hendrick’s gin at Pasanella & Son on South Street. If I hadn’t already gorged on a milkshake earlier in the day, I would’ve popped in for a treat at Made Fresh Daily.

I took photos of everything that was open, as well as (further down the post) what was either yet to reopen or never would. Normally I’d clean up the images a bit, but there are too many.


seaport 43013 Salty Paw seaport 43013 Pier 17 seaport 43013 Pasanella seaport 43013 open sign seaport 43013 meades seaport 43013 mark joseph seaport 43013 Made Fresh Daily seaport 43013 Jeremy's Ale House seaport 43013 Fulton Stall Market seaport 43013 Fresh Salt seaport 43013 Cowgirl Sea-Horse seaport 43013 Cigar Landing seaport 43013 Bowne seaport 43013 Best Western seaport 43013 acquaNote: That last photo is of Acqua—there was no way to get the whole name without photographing people dining outside—and Cowgirl Sea-Horse is open, even though the sidewalk construction makes it look otherwise.

Now, here’s what’s closed, temporarily or forever. Some storefronts were unreachable, so those aren’t included, and as it got mallier, I didn’t worry so much about being comprehensive.

seaport 43013 Ann Taylor seaport 43013 artion seaport 43013 Bin 220 seaport 43013 bridge cafe seaport 43013 Buon Amici seaport 43013 de Angelis seaport 43013 Fish Market seaport 43013 fulton stores seaport 43013 grandmas house seaport 43013 guess seaport 43013 Il Brigante seaport 43013 Jacks seaport 43013 johnny rockets seaport 43013 Nelson Blue seaport 43013 Paris seaport 43013 Red seaport 43013 samsara seaport 43013 Superdry and Abercrombie seaport 43013 Suteishi seaport 43013 Vbar

That last photo—of the old Carmine’s space—certainly implies that work is occurring on VBar.



  1. any news on jcrew? reopening?

  2. I’m really missing suteishi. Any word if they will reopen?

  3. @Nicole – I had an email from them a month or so ago saying they were still intending to reopen & included a quote from a letter received from their building owner explaining the extensive work in progress on the building. Meanwhile they are offering delivery via their website & also Seamless and they are still as tasty & fresh as ever.