Seen & Heard: One World Trade Center Aglow

1WTC by Lockhart Steele/@Lock••• I had been saving this photo by Lockhart Steele/@Lock from a week or two ago for a possibly bigger post, but what is there really to say? Beyond what the man himself tweeted, of course: “Alright, 1 World Trade. I didn’t realize you could do that.”

tan eyes answer••• The unidentifiable eyes from last week’s Where in Tribeca…? belong to the Native American standing guard outside Wall Street Humidor at 18 Warren.

••• From Mulberry & Vine: “We are now carrying Tribeca Snack Kitchen’s Organic Quinoa Cheddar crisps. They are seriously delicious and hand crafted by fellow Tribecan, Catherine Moore!”

••• The old photo from yesterday’s Seen & Heard got identified (see the comments) by Ariel as Jay Street between Washington and West. We can all learn something from his methodology (or at least to go to him directly when a question like this comes up).

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