Look What’s Opening in the Capsouto Frères Space…

The July Community Board 1 agendas were just released, and there are some very interesting things coming up—is Tribeca ready for more bike lanes?—but we’ll have to wait till Monday for all that. But this couldn’t wait: A restaurant called China Blue is applying for a liquor license for the former Capsouto Frères space at 451 Washington.

Googling “China Blue” brings up nothing restaurant-related, except for a place in Corvallis, Oregon. The Capsouto space is a big one, and it’s presumably asking Tribeca rents, so I’d be expecting something more like China Grill or Mr. Chow than Empire Szechuan. The big question is, will they deliver? (As one reader pointed out, they could use the Citi Bike station outside for deliveries.) And, perhaps even less likely, are those ex–Keith McNally guys involved?

I’m asking around to see if anyone knows anything more. If you do, by all means get in touch! Email tribecacitizen@gmail.com or call/text 917-209-6473.

UPDATE: According to Mac (see comments), China Blue will be from the folks behind Café China on E. 37th St. From the restaurant’s rather evocative “About” page: “The food is exquisite, a definitive interpretation of fine Chinese cuisine. This is Shanghai. It is the place where the East is embracing the West for the first time. The result is exotic, of course, but also elegant and fascinating. Spend the night here, and let the imagination run wild.” The menu looks good (and substantial), and the E. 37th location does deliver….

Some photos of Café China:




  1. China Blue… Is it the cousins of the China Red guys on Chambers St?

  2. Owners of Cafe China in midtown are opening China Blue. Love their food.

  3. Dangit, I was hoping for a PF Chang’s!