Seen & Heard: Abercrombie and Superdry Have Reopened

••• 37 Warren’s rooftop addition has been bared. The glossy façade material is “reflective copper-bronze colored stainless steel.” Click for a slightly better sense of what it looks like (nice, I think, and they get props for interestingness—but why not wrap it around the south side, too?). And compare/contrast with 93 Worth’s.

••• Luis of the FiDi Fan Page commented that Abercrombie & Fitch and Superdry have reopened on Fulton. That’s very good for that area.

••• New Laotian restaurant Khe-Yo—in the old Duane Park space—pushed back its opening a bit, so don’t go planning on eating there on Monday.

••• Looks like something is coming to the former Less Less space on Chambers. Now that a French bistro is opening across the street, is it too much to hope for a good Spanish tapas bar?

Less LEss


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