Seen & Heard: The Reade Chambers

••• Missing the beach? Check our Cheryl Crews’s “Sea & Sky” exhibit at Steven Amedee Gallery.

••• Jennifer of 52 Thomas made some valid points about why the residents objected to Tribeca’s Kitchen coming to the building. To her point that the Gee Whiz guys didn’t make any outreach to the building: I think I can speak for them in that they had no idea there would be concerns at all. In fact, when I met with them to talk about their plans, I told them I thought their application would be a breeze (which may partially explain my reaction to the proceedings at CB1). UPDATE 9/12: Another resident called to talk about it and share some info: “After the meeting, we had a half hour conversation with the Gee Whiz guys. It was cordial and constructive. We exchanged contact details, and we’re reaching out to them to craft a solution that works for all parties. We don’t know if it’s going to work out but we’re going to try. We just wanted a rightful place at the table.”

••• “Any news about that new Pret a Manger at Broadway and Thomas?” emailed David. “The Coming Soon sign is now gone.” (The photo at right is old.) I hounded Pret until I got an answer: “We are definitely opening and excited to come to the neighborhood. At this stage we are targeting a November opening. The landlord is with Landmarks permitting a new roof. Our air conditioning will need to go on the roof, so we are waiting for that piece of work to be completed. Once the roof is finished we will be ready to go.”

••• I hear from Bruce Ehrmann of Douglas Elliman—he’s marketing the project—that the new building going up at 71 Reade (and through to Chambers) is officially being called The Reade Chambers.

••• Chipotle is now serving pinto beans with no bacon. Yes, this matters.

••• The folks at Khe-Yosk say the sandwiches aren’t premade, as I was told yesterday (but they still can’t be customized into vegetarian sandwiches, although that may change one day).

••• Checking in with 56 Leonard….

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