Gourmet Garage Is Opening Here

366 BroadwayGourmet Garage is indeed opening a store in Tribeca—at 366 Broadway, to be precise, which is the northeast corner of Franklin.

This is great news not just for everyone who lives in eastern Tribeca, but also for everyone who will soon live there. As we know, there are a whole lot of residential conversions in the works on Broadway—93 Worth, Franklin Place, and the Leonard, to name just three, as well as 346 Broadway looming on the horizon.

Let’s hope Gourmet Garage’s imminent arrival also signals a shift in the quality of retail on Broadway—a bunch of storefronts between Canal and Worth are available (or will soon be), so perhaps we’ll start getting something better than cut-rate fashion and home decor.

UPDATE: I spoke with Gourmet Garage CEO Andy Arons about his plans…. The store will be around 13,000 square feet total (making it twice as large as the one on Broome), with half of that on the ground floor and 1,000 square feet in a mezzanine with seating. “We’re going to expand in-house dining a bit,” he said. “It won’t be a restaurant, but I want to have fresh-baked pastries in the morning, an East Coast oyster bar, tastings with breweries, a cooking school….” This will likely entail new partnerships, but nothing has been signed yet. “In the basement, we’ll build a kitchen from the ground up. We’ll do all scratch cooking just for that store.” The best case for an opening date would probably be at the end of 2014.

366 broadway inside

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  1. Great news for the area!

    • This area will certainly be the next hot area for retail in Manhattan. Many of the stores will be unconventional, such as the Harley location at the other end of the block.
      Retail, in the age of the internet is evolving at warp speed. It will be very interesting to see what other stores will arrive now that the area is undergoing such intense development and transformation

  2. This is the best news ever! My husband and I were JUST talking about how great it would be for a Gourmet Garage to open up in this neighborhood. The half mile schlep to Whole Foods is getting old…

  3. Oh my gosh– so excited!! After 15 years of living here and being Grocery Store Challenged we finally have one in our backyard!! And I love Gourmet Garage!

  4. I am not married to H.H., but my wife and I were in Gourmet Garage this past weekend (what timing) and we were saying while in the store, why wont they open something like this a bit further South. We do the same schelp. We live like RIGHT THERE … awesome!!!!

  5. Overpriced stuff you can buy for a lot less in a regular supermarket but this place does have decent soup. Everything else is rushed, no assistance, never very clean.