In the News: Pier A Floor Plans

••• Tribeca Trib gets a preview of Pier A, with floor plans.

••• An update on the Pace dorm under construction at 33 Beekman.

••• A reader pointed out that Jonathan Schell passed away, and what the obituaries in the New York Times and The New Yorker don’t mention is that he “was an original Tribecan who lived and raised all three of his kids in this neighborhood up until about 5 or six years ago. The Schell family was instrumental in the founding and evolution of P.S. 234 in many ways.”

••• “Once a month some 20 people, mostly women and mostly from Downtown, gather for breakfast in the back-room of Tribeca’s Sarabeth’s to cross-cultivate their businesses and boost their entrepreneurial spirits” —Tribeca Trib

••• Commercial Observer confirms that Anthony Bourdain’s street-food hall isn’t opening in 4 World Trade Center, but the rumor had been that it was headed for 3 World Trade…. (via Eater)

••• Imagista visits the Franklin Street home of musician Jesse Harris.

••• Actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan included the Wall Street Bull on their charming photo-op tour of New York City. —The Mary Sue