Yet Another Bank Branch

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve visited my bank in the past year—and if Adam would agree to go to the safe deposit box, I wouldn’t need a body-part assist at all—and yet banks keep opening new branches. TD Bank, which is already working on a new branch at Chambers and Greenwich, has another in the works at 361 Broadway, a.k.a. 67 Franklin, a.k.a. the conversion being called the Cast Iron House. (I posted the rumor last fall, but it’s since been confirmed.)

There’s another TD Bank at Broadway and Warren, as if that matters.

361 Broadway



  1. And another new one at Broadway and John! I visit TD Bank to change coins. I think a lot of people do. :-)

  2. My understanding is that they are strongly preferred tenants because they’re quiet, secure, have no waste disposal issues, are closed much of the time, and have super deep pockets. Like the Platonic ideal of a tenant (or roommate, for that matter).