Nosy Neighbor: What’s Happening at Greenwich and Chambers?

I’m curious if you know what’s going on with the spaces on the southeast corner of Chambers and Greenwich. There appeared to be demolition occurring in the former pie shop space. —K.

There’s demo occurring in at least three of those storefronts: the former Eve & Mike Pharmacy, the former Little Pie Shop, and the former Mail Boxes Etc. I couldn’t tell if the space to the east of the pharmacy is included. (Was there another store? Or was it part of Eve & Mike? Can’t say I went in there a lot).

The location is prime, obviously, with foot traffic from P.S. 234, BMCC, and Stuyvesant. A food establishment would seem most likely to appeal to all those demographics, but my understanding has always been that the building forbids cooking. So the rumor that TD Bank was taking it made some sense, even if there are two other branches relatively nearby (Hudson/Duane and Warren/Broadway). But that was two years ago. Even after the last of the previous tenants (Mail Boxes Etc.) left over a year ago, nothing happened. Till now.

I asked the doorman at 295 Chambers, who said it’d be a TD Bank. I called TD Bank’s executive office and left a message for the media relations officer. Since the odds of a return call are slim, I popped into one of the other area branches. The teller confirmed that TD Bank is opening at Greenwich and Chambers. UPDATE #1: A friendly TD media relations rep did call! She’s looking into an opening date.

The question remains whether TD Bank needs all three—with the one at Hudson and Duane seeming most superfluous. If you know anything, hit me:, 917-209-6473. UPDATE #2: I understand the Hudson/Duane branch moved into that space in 2006, so if it’s a 10-year lease….

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  1. You’ve got to hand it to those darned (big & rich) Canadian banks like TD. They like to put their branches where they think the money is! (:

  2. It’s 100% unfortunately going to be a TD bank. I live at 295 Greenwich and asked a construction worker at the site yesterday who confirmed it to me. Uugh.

    • I’m not sure what is so terrible about a bank (especially a polite Canadian one). It’s not loud, open at all hours, smelly or likely to attract unsavory types. Seems like a good, boring neighbor.

  3. Yes really bummed that it will be a bank but at least it’s not going to be another nail salon! This area can use more ‘neighborhood-y’, casual, affordable restaurants.

  4. Can we please get more Adult Stores?! The XXXtra special ones!

  5. Time to start a nail salon chain. Those places must rake it in if they can afford the same spaces as banks & starbucks

  6. How about a bank where you can get your nails done? That’s a money maker!

  7. Now that would be a happy ending.

  8. Maybe the Canadians can import some socialized medicine. Where do I sign up?

    • Actually, in Canada, TD has great benefits for their employees that pays for those things not covered by the health care systems: dental, massages, chiropody etc. etc. I’m sure their employees in the US get great benefits as well.
      To clarify things, they do run their US operations as separate organizations but do offer some benefits to customers in one country doing business in the other. I walk down Broadway and seeing their familiar green banks reminds me of Toronto…or maybe Moose Jaw.