Seen & Heard: Cafeteria Opposition

Washington Market Tavern••• Washington Market Tavern—or are we supposed to call it Washington Market?—revealed signage; looking forward to seeing the storefront (41 Murray), which has been totally redone. You may recall that as Eamonn’s it was nothing special.

••• The plywood came down from the Starbucks at 32 Sixth Ave. (Walker and Sixth Ave.). The signage is rather elegant.

••• Residents of Reade Street are decidedly unhappy with that rendering for the Cafeteria restaurant and bar coming to the old MaryAnn’s space on the southeast corner of W. Broadway and Reade. From a letter sent by one to Community Board 1, among several that were forwarded to me: Restaurateur Mark “Amadei was not straightforward in his plans, and assured us that there would be no door onto Reade Street (which the rendering suggests there may be). Additionally, he feigned shock re: windows being opened into the street after 8 p.m. and a lack of consideration to neighbors. This design reflects an absolute lack of consideration to the same Residents with whom he took a conciliatory tone. We are still struggling desperately with noise from Sazon and Ward III. Cafeteria will not just exacerbate the problem; it will have an exponentially deleterious impact our collective right to the quiet enjoyment of our homes.”

••• Behold 502 Canal, now that the plywood fence is down. Wonderful! Click the pic to see it larger.

••• Remember when I pushed the idea of First-Time Tuesdays? Yeah, that’s why I didn’t do it again. But kudos to the Downtown Alliance for getting a similar-but-different idea going: On Lower Manhattan Tuesdays from May 27 through September 30, you can present a code at participating businesses (of which there are a lot—even North End Grill is in there) for extras and discounts.

••• 56 Leonard keeps popping up: This time, from Broadway between Worth and Leonard.

56 Leonard from Broadway

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  1. I’ve been wondering what the red metal beams on top of 502 Canal are for. Do you know? I’m hoping they’re there for billboards.

    • Has to be for billboards, but I still can’t understand why the Landmarks Preservation Commission wouldn’t have wanted them taken down. I imagine we’ll see them touting the return of the angry lobster at Ponte’s, wherever it resurfaces

  2. Ugh. Plus I left out “NOT ” in my previous post … I’m hoping they’re NOT for billboards. Great way to ruin a beautiful renovation.