Seen & Heard: Clocktower Bells Silenced

346 Broadway tower by Brett••• Brett emailed asking why the clock atop 346 Broadway was no longer chiming and why the eagles were wrapped up. The answer is that it’s all being restored during the conversion. No timetable is available for when the bells will ring again.

••• From Wickham Boyle: “Peony sale after 5 p.m. on Monday on my loading dock at 38 N. Moore. Bring cash as my Square is on the fritz.” Peonies are the only flower I care for….

••• From North End Grill: “1$ oyster late night special. Starting Friday, June 20th, join us for $1 oysters every Monday-Friday, 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. in the Bar Room and Outdoor Patio.” Late night, eh?

••• Depressing news about the Chambers Street reconstruction project…. Even though the W. Broadway/Church block is done, two-way traffic won’t be restored there until the very end of the project (because the last part to be done is the pit on Church), and that’s not likely till the end of this year. Same goes for the Church/Broadway block.

••• So here’s the logo for Northern Eats, the final restaurant in the Hudson Eats complex at Brookfield Place. I do hope the Mandarin characters don’t translate as “Wok & Roll.” Or maybe it’s actually related to Lily’s Japanese & Chinese Restaurant!

••• The Reade Chambers condo has windows going in…. It’ll be great when that building is done.

••• If you’re wondering what that “SN” is doing on the west side of the Sanitation Department’s new garage on West Street, it’ll one day say “DSNY,” according to the rendering (as you can see below and belower).

Sanitation Garage 61414DSNY rendering




  1. Erik,

    Thanks very much for following up on the clocktower!

  2. Do you know what time the will the peony sale go until?

  3. Came to the peony sale but no one here!!

  4. I’m pretty sure today’s the first day The Clocktower’s bells are back.