Seen & Heard: Baked’s Projected Opening Date

••• While I was out kayaking off Pier 26 (for free via the Downtown Boathouse—more on that in a later post), I couldn’t resist taking a pic of 288 West and its up-and-coming neighbors (290 West to the north and 460 Washington to the south). Click it to see it better.

••• Los Americanos is opening a juice bar at its coffee counter on July 14.

••• Baked tweeted a response to my peek-in: “we are working overtime to get it ready and open… near Labor Day!!! contacting witch dr now.”

••• Has anyone been to the new Haus nightclub? I don’t think I’ll be making it—I’m not much of a night owl—so if you do, please do take send over your impressions (and photos).

••• Someone else heard that the former Jerry’s Café space at 90 Chambers will be a restaurant—neither fast-food nor fancy—and not a nail salon.

••• A group show opened yesterday opens Thursday, July 17, at Cheryl Hazan on N. Moore; it includes the work of Beata Chrzanowska, pictured below.

by Beata Chrzanowska courtesy Cheryl Hazan



  1. PLEASE NOTE: group show view.point opens next Thursday, July 17th at Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art (35 N Moore St).

  2. HAUS
    Great new club, no photo, think they have some on line now, but the remodeling came out amazing. Classy club. The opening night party was so fun and had great music courtesy of the best : Chelsea Leyland.
    The space feels cozy compared to the last layot there. They are going to be doing cocktail hour Tuesdays at 5pm for you non-late owls!

  3. I also went to Haus recently…one night for their mixology program during daytime and last Sat for late night. The place is truly as advertised…opulent, stunning and just plain fun and in my own neighborhood!

    Mixology just opened so it was a bit slow, but they have a great drink menu and made by bartenders that really seem to know what they’re doing. Late night was non-stop fun…great crowd, great vibe and very high end.

    I have to tell you, its nice to see a place of this caliber in our neighborhood and these guys have REALLY done it right…they took an old run down space that started to look like a eyesore from the outside and turned it into something really special.

    Looking forward to going back this weekend!

    For pics, “google is your friend”;)