Seen & Heard: Peace & Love Sure Looks Kaput

Peace and Love••• Thanks to the readers who pointed out that the signage at Peace & Love had been removed. I think we can logically conclude that Peace &  Love isn’t coming back now, especially given recent news that the whole strip mall is turning over. Twenty bucks says a chain restaurant takes the space.

••• While visiting Washington Market Tavern yesterday—remember, it opens Monday—owner Eric Schwimmer said that once WMT is done he’ll give Mudville 9 a landmark storefront renovation, too. (As for Washington Market Tavern, it looks fantastic. But you’ll have to wait for the full write-up.)

••• Sun Cafe—the Japanese restaurant at 67 Reade—looked closed for good today, but when I called they said they’re on vacation and will reopen next week.

••• Macy Gray is playing City Winery Oct. 8 and 10.

••• The 443 Greenwich sales office (in the Hudson & Broad showroom at Hudson and Vestry) is opening in September, according to Josh.

••• Every time I walk by 6 Harrison—the wonderful building where Jungsik is now (and where Chanterelle used to be)—I wonder when the sidewalk shed will ever come down, especially since the scaffolding was taken down (very gradually) in the spring. As of yesterday, the platform roof was semi-removed. Could it finally be happening?!

6 Harrison sidewalk shed

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  1. FWIW, I remember the Mercantile Exchange building as the home of composer Lamont Young.