Seen & Heard: Toilet Humor

••• “Thought Tribeca Citizen might find this amusing,” emailed Gianna, guessing correctly. “There were about 50 toilet bowls lined up on front of 22 River Terrace. Demolition in full swing despite several tenants still here.”

22 River Terrace by Gianna••• This came in yesterday from a reader: “Añejo is actually opening tonight. I called for a Saturday reservation and they told me tonight and tomorrow open from 6 p.m. as well.”

••• As if you haven’t had enough updates on construction in northwest Tribeca, here are a few more. Work on the Spring Street Salt Shed—bordered by Spring, West, and Canal—is starting up, or at least a crew was there making a big mud puddle.

Spring Street Salt Shed 82114••• And then I wandered into Canal Park, which must have the highest expense-vs.-usage ratio in the entire city, and I marveled at how much space 290 West (condos, at the corner of Canal) and 460 Washington (rentals, at Watts) take up. Also, does 460 Washington not have an air shaft or courtyard? If so, that’s some deep windowless space…. UPDATE: HCR comments that there is one. (


290 West from Canal Park290 West 288 West and 460 Washington460 Washington••• As I was walking down Watts, a heavy plastic thingamajig flew off the top of the building, landing with a thunk on a Town Car driving by. The driver didn’t seem to care, but I was a bit freaked out. Let’s be more careful, gents….

460 Washington plastic thing••• Opening this fall at the Front Street space (in the Seaport) that was Stella: Dorlan’s Tavern and Oyster Bar. Thanks to M.M. De Voe of Pen Parentis for pointing it out (and for the photo).

Dorlan's Tavern by MM De Voe••• From Jay at the Tribeca Greenmarket: “The market is full of summer fruits—loads of heirlooms, peaches, peppers and more and more apples are showing up. Besides that the newest items I’ve taken note of have been the yellow doughnut peaches on Wednesdays (a new crop for Toigo Orchards) and the very popular radicchio at Lani’s Farm on Saturdays.”

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  1. If only they’d line up those $3000 musical toilets in front of Sterling and Mason and we could have an outdoor concert …

  2. There is an internal courtyard at 460 Washington. It’s thirty feet deep from north to south, and I guess just under forty feet from east to west.