Seen & Heard: The Simulated Suicide Was Really Creepy

••• YOU’VE BEEN WARNED: The image at the end of the post is of the fake suicide for the TV show “Blue Bloods.” If you don’t want to see it, do not read past the second warning.

••• Looks like Park51 just can’t stay out of the news. This was posted on the door of 49-51 Warren.

notice posted on 49-51 Warren••• Anyone know what’s going into the former Nirvana International space on W. Broadway?

Nirvana International space••• Filming here tomorrow: a Showtime series called “The Affair,” according to signs posted on N. Moore. From IMDB: “The psychological effects of an affair between a married waitress at a Hamptons diner and a teacher who spends his summer at his in-laws’ estate on the island.” And “Untitled Xmas Project” in northeast Tribeca; looks like it’s starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

••• SECOND WARNING: The graphic fake suicide shot is after the 56 Leonard shadow pic a few items down.

••• “Huge pile of burned up boxes in front of 392 Broadway,” emailed M. “Looks crazier in person.” Autumn bonfire?

charred boxes 392 Broadway••• I spoke to soon about work starting at 403 Greenwich: When I walked by late yesterday, there was no sign of the sidewalk shed that a crew had been putting up earlier.

••• 56 Leonard is starting to give good shadow.

56 Leonard shadow••• As requested, Tony sent over a pic of this morning’s simulated suicide in Teardrop Park (for an episode of “Blue Bloods”). It’d be horrible anyway, but the fact that it’s a child makes it far worse. UPDATE: “The girl in the picture is alive,” emails a reader, clarifying that the scene was even creepier than initially thought. “I saw make-up work on her and there was a cop around her with a coat for between the takes. Oh and I saw her move her head.”

simulated suicide in Teardrop Park



  1. Is it possible to remove the fake suicide photo? Its really disturbing; especially with it being a park we frequent and being a child. Thank you

    • Sorry it offended, but I imagine there are people who will want to see it. And since it’s fake—and for a network TV show—I think running it is on this side of propriety. But I did add a couple warnings.

  2. I actually appreciate the photo evidence. I was horrified by the warning notice we received from our building – and seeing that it was a child next to the “big slide” makes it that much worse. I can’t really understand how the BPC/city approved this permit given the content. At least two buildings look directly down into this space, and this has to be among the highest child per capita micro-neighborhood in NYC. It’s not a free speech issue – it’s a question of giving private enterprise domain over (semi)public space to stage a scene in plain view that would be horrifying to the numerous children in the neighborhood.

  3. Erik: I have kids who play in the park as well and see no need to censor. It is a horrifying picture (if you didn’t know it is fake), but film crews film here all the time….and frankly how many kids see your website? Parents should be able to deal with it.

  4. Erik, could you censor and remove nicole & Anon’s comments? Their stupidity offends me. Thank you in advance.

  5. I agree with Matt. It is deeply disappointing that BPC approved a shoot with this visual content. If BPC didn’t received full disclosure at the time of permit issue, it would behoove them to contact the production to require an edit of that scene. Is there an email address or contact information for BPC available in order to show support of a removal of that scene? If BPC was aware of the content and give the approval – well then shame on them.

  6. Attention all Tribeca/BPC residents – Halloween decorations & costumes have been cancelled this year. Sorry, but it’s just too soon. We’re are all still dealing with the PTSD from having to see behind-the-scenes of a television show. I am still shaking.