Seen & Heard: New Flower Store Unveiled

••• The flower store opening on Church next to Sole di Capri is a chain called Dutch Petals. The website says it’s based in the Hamptons, but then it also says “Dutch Petals also owns and operates twenty seven ‘cash and carry’ locations throughout the metropolitan area.”

••• The Ruum kidswear store on W. Broadway looks permanent for a pop-up…. I’m sure it’s pronounced “room,” but maybe not? Maybe you say it like a thirsty pirate?

••• After I posed that Church Street Tavern looked close to opening, I heard from the restaurant that it was opening Saturday night. Full report to come soon.

••• Hi, Sharon! I met Sharon this morning at Arcade Bakery, where she introduced herself and told me (as folks occasionally do) that she and her husband, Erik, would be willing to pay for a subscription, if that helped. It was especially welcome, because I was attacked by wine last night. Anyway, what I should’ve said in response was “Fifty bucks ought to do it” that the best thing anyone can do to support this site is to support the businesses that advertise on it. The second best thing? Tell any and every local business that the main way you keep up with Tribeca news is Tribeca Citizen.

Kutshers••• I don’t know what’s happening in the Kutsher’s space, but judging from the extent of the renovation visible through the unpapered window, the removal of all signage, and now the de-potting of their plant, I think we can safely say that the note in the window (since removed) wasn’t the whole story. P.S. Kutsher’s decided to go “on vacation” during the presumably lucrative high holidays?

••• Work appears to finally be starting on 403 Greenwich, currently the site of a rat-infested lot (next to Kaffe 1668). Rendering of the new building here. (Update: A day later, the folks putting up the sidewalk shed were gone—along with the shed. So maybe I spoke too soon.)

••• Comment from lowphat on that pic of the giant handbag shadow looming over Nish Nush: “Can someone explain to me about that building? I was in Church Publick, across the street, the other night and the same wall was showing a projection of the Lego Movie. Couldn’t figure out where it was coming from or why they were showing it on that wall.” Anyone know anything?

••• Filming today on/around Reade: a TV series called “Eye Candy”: “A New York woman suspects that one of her online dates is a serial killer.” Is there some random premise generator that TV producers use?

••• A+E Studios on W. Broadway will be a gallery, probably a pop-up like the one that preceded it.

A and E studios



  1. According to the store locator on Dutch Petal’s website, at least in Manhattan, the cash and carry locations are all at Gourmet Garage, Citarella and Union Market stores, not free standing like this one.

  2. I don’t see the rendering of 403 Greenwich at your link, Erik.

  3. “Say it like a thirsty pirate”…”attacked by wine”…. If this blog thing gets old, you could try a career in comedy. You have me laughing often.