In the News: Clocktower at Risk

49-51 Warren••• Remember that post about Park51 getting booted from 49-51 Warren? I should’ve dug deeper…. According to the New York Post, the Islamic group leased it without the condo board knowing that they were going to hold prayer services there (and using the basement) while their Park Place building is under construction. So now the owner of the commercial space and the condo board are at loggerheads.

••• “The long-delayed Fulton Center subway station will finally open on Nov. 10 at 5 a.m., the Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced Monday.” —DNAinfo

••• As speculated, the future of clocktower at 346 Broadway (108 Leonard) is in serious doubt: “While the developers say they plan to keep the clock, which along with its mechanisms are protected city landmarks, it is unclear whether, or even how, it will continue to run once it is inside someone’s home. […] It will have the unusual distinction of being a privately owned but publicly protected historic landmark.” Now that power has been shut off the to the clock, it has to be wound manually. There’s a new group called Clock Tower Associates; I’m not sure how to reach them or show support. (Anyone know?) Let’s hope they can hook up with Tribeca Trust. —Tribeca Trib

••• Traffic/security changes at the World Trade Center. —Downtown Express

••• Checking in with the Save Our Seaport group. —Broadsheet

••• The New York Times visits Gibney Dance on Chambers.

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