Seen & Heard: The Clocktower Bells Are Back

••• Thanks to Krystl Hall for sending over a pic of the 1 World Trade Center base lit up. (It can also do colors and, evidently, animation.)

1WTC base lights by Krystl Hall••• The Tina Kim Gallery says that Gimhongsok’s trash-bag teddy bear sculpture in Tribeca Park will be around for another six months. It’s been fun to watch people (especially kids) interact with it….

••• 464 Greenwich has finally taken down the plywood. (That’s the building said to be owned by J. Crew’s Mickey Drexler; the DOB confirms it’s being confirmed to a single-family residence.) Looks good!

464 Greenwich••• “I’m pretty sure today’s the first day The Clocktower’s bells are back,” commented David G. Imber (yesterday) about 346 Broadway. But if the clocktower is indeed turned into a private residence, can the bells really be around for long? UPDATE: No bells today, per two comments.

••• Drill Fitness appears to be opening Nov. 3 (at Church and Warren). I hear it’s doing friends-and-family trial runs in the meantime.

Drill Fitness tweet••• A Tribecan named Eli is cooking “Italian Seafood, Homemade Pasta, and Tentacles” (which I keep reading as Testicles) tomorrow night, and you’re invited (for $25). Details here.



  1. No clocktower bells as of this morning.

  2. Confirmed, no bells.

  3. Yes, no bells. I think they’re toying with me. Only consolation is that others heard them too…

  4. That’s great news about Tribeca Teddy! We get to keep him/her for another 6 months, thanks Tina Kim Gallery. Maybe we should find out what could be done to keep Teddy around forever. The most successful sculpture in our park…EVER

  5. Bells have been ringing tonight. Just heard the 2 am ones. Hadn’t heard the bells in ages. It was comforting to hear them again.

  6. Just heard 10 am bells. Heard them last night too. It’s been inconsistent since my post in November. Truly odd.