In the News: Lululemon Signs on at Brookfield Place

Arcade Bakery gingerbread babka••• The New York Times finally discovered Arcade Bakery. Also: “For the holidays there is a traditional German stollen heavy with fruit and nuts, and a new gingerbread flavor for his line of babkas.” Roger let me taste the stollen the other day—it was a delight. And just look at that gingerbread babka….

••• “Omega and Lululemon Athletica have signed leases at Brookfield Place. The watch manufacturer signed a lease last month for 3,000 square feet in the winter garden below and to the side of Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place and the yoga apparel company has signed a deal for 2,993 square feet in the courtyard, next to where Jose Garces‘ Spanish tapas restaurant, Amada, will open.” I insist that everyone start pronouncing Lululemon the way my husband Adam does—as if it’s French, with a slient “n” and emphasis on the end. —Commercial Observer

••• Also at Brookfield Place: “Swiss luxury tobacco goods brand Davidoff has inked a deal to open a 1,928-square-foot boutique with its own ventilated smoking lounge.” Shame about the ventilation. —New York Daily News

••• The New York Daily News looks at real estate around City Hall Park, but it skips the conversion of 49-51 Chambers, the likely development of the southeast corner of Beekman and Park Row, and the potential development of 265-267 Broadway. (But it includes  45 Park Place and 346 Broadway?) Next time, interview a local blogger who lives on the park instead of a bunch of brokers. Hello! (“Are you kidding me?” said broker Ryan Serhant of Nest Seekers International. “There’s an insane amount of traffic there, to and from Brooklyn Bridge, and it’s just funky. There’s no way this is the next Madison Square Park.”)

••• State assembly speaker Sheldon “Sleazy” Silver’s lack of ethics continues to astound. “His spokesman, Michael Whyland, would not answer any questions about what sort of work the speaker does for Weitz & Luxenberg or how many other law clients he has, how much income he earns from them or precisely what he does for them. Neither would he say for how long he has received such income. In an email on Friday, Mr. Whyland said only: ‘The speaker has reported all his income pursuant to law from his work of counsel to Weitz & Luxenberg and the general practice of law. None of his clients have any business before the state.'” OK, so we’ll trust you…?

••• Wall Street Journal recaps the story of the Wall Street Bull: “It was 25 years ago today that Wall Street’s favorite mascot arrived downtown. Mr. Di Modica, the Italian artist who spent $350,000 of his own money to cast ‘Charging Bull’ in his Soho studio as a [surprise] Christmas gift to the city.”

••• Curbed‘s annual battle of the neighborhoods pits Tribeca against Downtown Brooklyn, which is over there sojriglkjgjk. Sorry, I started laughing so hard I couldn’t type. It’s over there somewhere.


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  1. Ryan Serhant’s comment was just plain STUPID! I mentioned the same omitted conversions of 49-51 Chambers and Park Row as blatant omissions in an otherwise great article. p.s. I went to school at Baruch, just a few blocks away from Madison Square, and in the late 70’s/early 80’s this park was a desolate dangerous park that wasn’t the least bit inviting. Almost as bad as Union Square. Of course, Ryan wasn’t around back then; therefore his ignorance.