New Kid on the Block: South of Market

South of Market1Interior designer Kay Douglass and her South of Market team have what many would consider a dream job: Four or five times a year, they go to France and Belgium to source antique and vintage furniture, decorative items, and more. The loot is sold at South of Market shops in Atlanta, Charleston, and now, Tribeca (in the Washington Street space that had been Vestry Wines). “We buy things that speak to us—architectural, sculptural, with clean lines,” says design project manager Dixie Peeples.

Unlike the first two outposts, which have “mercantile” items such as tabletop, baskets, and decorative objects, the Tribeca one is focused mainly on furniture—not just the aforementioned vintage pieces (check out the pommel horses and the wooden block game), but also Verellen‘s made-to-order upholstered furniture. (You can buy the mercantile items online, or better yet, use them to justify a trip south.) “The Atlanta store tends to have bigger pieces,” says Peeples. “This is more apartment-friendly.”

The other day, I assumed a pop-up was in the works, because I saw clothing in the window. It turns out, however, that South of Market is also selling fashion by a designer they came across during a trip to Paris, Lutz Huelle. And you can also find cashmere throws, blankets, and scarves, as well as Bougie Apothicaire’s scented candles. The paintings, meanwhile, are 1980s works by a French artist, Jean Mégard, and the black-and-white photos are of French artists, displayed next to each artist’s work during an exhibit in France.

If you find yourself captivated by the South of Market aesthetic, you can even hire them to decorate for you: The store will double as an office for the Kay Douglass Interiors design business.

South of Market is at 416 Washington St. (at Vestry), 212-226-8486;

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