When Words Fail: More Misspellings

Heaven knows I’m not adept in any language but English, and obviously not everyone has been fortunate to have much of an education. So I offer this not in a spirit of meanness—it’s not as if I haven’t made a boolper or two—but in a spirit of let’s all just laugh as much as we can. (Thanks to N. for the parking lot one!)

appe cider at greenmarket bage croissan salmod Crave 121114 beveranges at Tribeca Deli Bonelees at Atomic Wings Gulten Free at bens Pizza sparagus soup at Sole di Capri Unautorized by Nwesterm wrapworkerg on Broadway spilt pea on WBway top dollersPreviously in this series:
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  1. Mmmm…spilt pea!

  2. Spilt pea is apparently a specialty of NYC ! :)

  3. I prefer spilt peas over hole peas myself!